USAP Board Meeting June 13, 2010

June 11, 2010, 4:47 p.m. (ET)

Agenda for June 13, 2010 Pentathlon Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting start time: 7:00 pm Mountain, 8:00 pm Central, 9:00 pm Eastern

Dial: 866-205-3978 Access Code:  2806978



            Approval of minutes of May 17, 2010 meeting


On going Activities:

            State of the NGB – Stull

  1. Athlete performance in 2010
  2. Financial health
  3. Membership


       Update on Youth World Championship results– Stull

       Update on World Cup Final preparations – Stull

Update on 2010 Nationals preparations - Stull

        Update on 2011 USA World Cup bid – Stull/Duffy

Auditor – timing of audit – Hower and Stull


Pentathlon – Integrated Recruiting and Club Support Plan


Year runs from Oct 1 – Sept 30. 


Goal:    Recruit new elite athletes by April for consideration for London 2012

            20 Seniors, 50 Juniors and 100 youth competing at 2010 US Nationals



Target:  Elite swimmers, 17-24 years old, who have swum under our standard (2:00 for men, 2:10 for women).


Sub-elite swimmers can be trained to become elite pentathletes.  There are over 1,000 collegiate swimmers in each gender in the United State in any given year that swim faster than the fastest pentathletes.  There are likely over 500 high school swimmers who do the same.  That is the target group for elite recruits to Pentathlon. 


Because we’re targeting a group of athletes who are likely still competing in their primary sport, swimming, our first step is to make them aware of Pentathlon.  We use free web based social media (Facebook, USAP website), direct contact with recruits through referrals, indirect contact with recruits through their swimming coaches, direct contact of recruits by an existing pentathlete, and free traditional media to raise their awareness of the sport.  


Once an elite athlete is aware of the sport it is incumbent on USAP to provide them an opportunity to try out the sport in the most cost efficient way possible.  There are several ways to do this.  First, an athlete can attend a week long elite recruiting camp at the OTC (two are offered per year; see below for details).  Second, they can attend one of the three, 4-day long regional training center camps offer throughout the year in their region.  At this camp they will receive a training plan from the national coordinator.  Third, they can reach out to the national coordinator and receive a training plan to cover the time between when they receive the plan and the next elite recruiting camp.  Athletes taking the third option will not receive an updated plan without attending either a regional or national recruiting camp. 


OTC recruiting camps: USAP will host two major one week long recruiting camps per year at the OTC for elite athlete recruits.  June (after graduation) and September (after Pentathlon World Champs and USA Swimming nationals).  Goal of 20 participants at each camp.  Attendees who are good enough to join resident team are immediately invited to stay at OTC.  Athletes unable to stay (or not yet qualified) receive a detailed training plan from the National Coordinator and connections with the closest local pentathlon club or regional training center.  USAP will cover athlete travel expenses up to $200.  Maximum cost per year is $4,000 x 2 = $8,000


Facebook:        Weekly updates on upcoming events and/or competition results.  Goal is to constantly keep pentathlon in front of them. 


USAP website: Establish a link to which recruits can submit a video of them performing a time trial. 


Advertising:      Targeted websites through direct ad placement or Google Ads.  Maximum cost per year $5,000. 


Free Traditional Media: 52 stories a year about pentathlon in the media.  Have intern work to get a story about a pentathlete or a pentathlon club placed in a local, regional or national paper every week.  Target the AP, USA Today, NYT to get story picked up as widely as possible for national stories.  Target the top 20 metropolitan area papers for “local” stories ie, a kid in rural Illinois should have his story pitched to the local paper, the nearest big town paper and the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times as a Sunday human interest story.  Pitch TV coverage using same strategy.  


In all communications, the next opportunity for an athlete to get into our system by attending a regional or national training camp should be mentioned. 




Regional Training Centers and Local Clubs


The Regional Training Centers and Local Clubs should always be recruiting new athletes to their programs.  USAP’s recruiting committee will meet every other month so USAP members from around the country can share successful strategies.  All Regional and Local Clubs will organize an annual national Try Pentathlon Day as a key recruiting moment of the year. 


Target:              Local youth swimming, fencing, riding, and running clubs; local boys and girls clubs; Scouting organizations and summer camps; middle and high school PE programs/teachers;


Try Pentathlon Day details:        Local and regional club manager should ID all of the organizations listed above and solicit their participation in the Try Pentathlon Day event.  The event will have a very low cost of entry ($5 which the organizer uses to cover costs) and will allow kids to try running, swimming, and fencing, and possibly shooting (location dependent) across a standard set of distances.  Results will be loaded onto the USAP website and athletes from around the country should be able to compare their results.  Donated prizes for the winners. 




Club Support Plan

Goal:    Establish four Regional Training Centers throughout the United States

            Establish twenty pentathlon clubs throughout the United States



Regional Training Centers

Four regional centers: West, NE, SE, Midwest


To be designated as a regional center, applicants shall agree to do the following:


  1. Host at least two competitions per year for all age groups. (USAP funds available up to $1,000 per event, up to 4 events per year)  One shall be a qualifier for World teams for all ages.  USAP will coordinate with regional clubs when setting the schedule for the year. 


  1. Host at least two regional recruiting events for all age groups per year. (USAP funds available up to $1,000 per event up to 4 events)  USAP will provide a best practices guide for recruiting events and the information that must be gathered from each participant to be eligible for funding, but regional clubs are free to customize recruiting days as they see fit.  In the first year USAP will analyze what the most effective methods are for recruiting and share that data with all region and club level clubs. 


  1. Host the regional National Five Sport Coordinator when he comes to town to conduct a training clinic three times per year.  (Coordinator’s expenses are paid by USAP).  (12 trips in a year x $1,000 per trip = $12,000 [flight, hotel, food])


National Pentathlon sports coordinator shall conduct an in-person visit for at least 4 days (Friday – Monday) at each of the 4 regional centers for a training camp three times a year (fall, winter, spring).  At each of these camps the Coordinator shall do at least the following:

  1. Work with club level coaches, provide athletes with training plans on a semi-annual basis. 
  2. Provide feedback to club-level coaches on best practices for Modern Pentathlon training. 
  3. Conduct face to face outreach to local or regional individual sport coaches (swimming, running, fencing) to build the Pentathlon network.
  4. Conduct time trials, mini-competitions or other activities to gauge the progress of athletes under the regional club’s supervision.
  5. Share best practices with regional club board of directors and coaches from other regional clubs

Regional centers shall also receive at least $5,000 but not more than $10,000 per year from USAP to offset allowable expenses including additional recruiting, advertising, coaching, travel etc….


Minimum total cost of regional club program as proposed:

1,000x2 (comps) + 1,000x2 (recruiting days) + 5,000 = 9,000 x 4 regions = $36,000


Maximum total cost of regional club program as proposed:

1,000x4 (comps) + 1,000x4 (recruiting days) + 10,000 = 18,000 x 4 regions = $72,000



Local Clubs

Local Pentathlon clubs will likely be part of a fencing or swimming club.  Outreach to clubs which might be interested in becoming a Pentathlon club should be undertaken (see Recruiting section).  Local clubs who join USAP as members will receive a best practices club manual and will receive mentorship from their Regional Training Center.  


Clubs will be paid $25 per athlete they send to Nationals every year up to a maximum of $1,000 per club. 


Club coaches must attend at least one Regional Training Center coach’s clinic with the National Coordinator per year for the Club to remain eligible for athlete participation reward at Nationals.  Coaches attending a Regional Training Center Coach’s Clinic will be reimbursed their expenses up to $500. 


Maximum cost per year of Local Club financial obligation as proposed:

1,000 x 20 = 20,000 (nationals bounty) + 500 x 20 = 10,000 (coaching clinic costs) = $30,000



Total range of cost of recruiting and club development plan: $91,000 to $127,000


Junior and Youth World Championship Teams

USAP seeks to fully fund the cost of the top two men and top two women, plus two coaches, to attend the Youth World Championships and the Junior World Championships in 2011.  The projected cost to such a trip is $17,000 for each Championship or $34,000 for both.  Additional qualified athletes may join the team on a self funded basis. 




Minimum Fundraising goal of USAP in 2011 for activities not covered by the HPP

Recruiting = $13,000

Clubs = $78,000

Youth Worlds = $17,000

Junior Worlds =  $17,000

Total = $125,000


New Business – Board or Public

       Discussion on Nominating Committee formation for Board expansion - Matchett

Discussion of ideas for recruiting and club development plan – Matchett/Igorashivili/Roland

Discussion of fundraising ideas – Stull/Allen/Hower