Registration Form for USAP National Championship Preparatory Camp

June 09, 2010, 5:32 p.m. (ET)

Join USA Pentathlon Elite Coaches and invited guest instructors for our 5-day, pre-National Championship training experience in beautiful, Colorado Springs, Colo

Live the Olympic Experience, while staying at the exclusive U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  Rooms typically are double occupancy.  

Learn about nutrition while enjoying a unique dining experience. All meals and snacks will be provided at the U.S. Olympic dining facility. Eat the way the pros do! 

Expert instruction provided in all five Pentathlon disciplines. Instructors include our US National Team resident coaching staff as well as additional experts brought in exclusively for this Pentathlon Camp experience.  Experience custom designed workouts and multiple classroom style sessions in all disciplines. This camp is an “Experiential Learning Camp” It is designed to teach, educate and inform. Physical training will be limited so as not to over-tire the athletes prior to the National Championships.   

Fencing – taught by our staff of several national, world and Olympic fencing champions. Lessons and bouting each day. 

Swimming – Instructed by Genadijus Sokolovas Phd., one of the leading sports physiologists in the world and respected as one of the world’s leading swimming researchers. Daily instructional swimming sessions. 

Running – Acclimate for the competition while receiving daily instruction from our resident coaches. Train at approximately 6,000 feet of altitude. Learn race techniques and running form. Training plan development. 

Shooting – Daily training at the United States Shooting Center on the OTC complex. Individual training daily. Instruction by leading Olympic resident shooters as well as US Pentathlon coaches. Includes classroom sessions, shooting physiology and sports psychology.  

Combined Event – Instruction will be provided to improve the results of athletes in the combined event. New techniques and methods will be offered to improve accuracy and speed. Training on our OTC combined course is included. 

Optional Riding* – Instruction provided by our resident team equestrian coach at her stables located approximately 30 minutes from the Olympic Training Center.  Athletes choosing this option will have the opportunity to ride and receive Pentathlon riding instruction 1 to 2 times during the camp as well as to attend classroom sessions. 

Additional Features - Lectures in sports physiology, sports medicine, sports psychology, nutrition and anti-doping will also be provided by Olympic Training Center experts. 

Costs and Fees –

The USA Pentathlon, Pre-Nationals Training Camp fee is $79 dollars per person per day  from July 18th to 22nd and includes all training* housing and meals. The riding option is an additional $50 and includes 1 to 2 rides (depending on the number of riders) with instruction, local transportation to and from riding and classroom sessions. 

Important Notice – We anticipate campers to participate in the National Championships from July 23-25. Therefore, you may elect to stay at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) through the camp and into the Nationals. The cost of OTC housing and meals from July 23 to 25 is $60 dollars per day for the U.S. Nationals competition period. Don’t forget to register separately for the US National Championships. This registration is for the camp only. 

Individuals may participate in the camp without staying at the Olympic Training Center and without taking meals at the Olympic Training Center for a fee of $34 dollars per day. The riding option fee still applies. 

All Campers MUST be members of USA Pentathlon to participate for insurance purposes. To become a member go to 

Your completed registration form (see below) MUST be received by June 18th to guarantee a room at the Olympic Training Center. Registrations received after June 18th but not later than June 30th MAY be allocated a room at the OTC depending on availability. Registrations for the Camp received after July 2nd will incur an additional $50 late fee and will be accepted at the discretion of the organizers.  

Completed registration forms may be mailed to the USAP office, via Email to , or via Fax to 719-866-3036  / USA Pentathlon, One Olympic Plaza CO. Springs, CO. 80909 Attn: USAP Camp. 

We are delighted to offer this unique camping and training experience to the Pentathlon family. I look forward to seeing you in Colorado Springs

See you in the Springs! 

Rob Stull
Managing Director