2010 Nationals Day 2 Wrap-Up

July 25, 2010, 7:07 p.m. (ET)
Margaux Isaksen (Fayetteville, Ark.) ran away from the competition today as she took home the overall gold at the 2010 USA Modern Pentathlon National Championships.
Isaksen led the competition through every event and was in prime form as she finished with a 1:06 minute lead in the combined events. She also took home the gold in the Junior Women division.
"It was a lot of pressure (to lead through all of the events)," Isaken said following her victory. "You can't slack off during any of these events and you always have to stay at the top of your game."
Suzanne Stettinius (Parkton, Md.) passed Isaksen briefly but was unable to maintain the lead and finished with the silver medal in the overall competition. Stettinius was the top finisher in the Senior Women division.
Youth A competitior from Friday, Samantha Achterberg (Denver, Colo.), took home plenty of hardware this weekend as well as she finished third overall and second among Junior Women. For the championships, Achterberg returns home with a bronze and two silver medals.
"I wanted to compete (today) for the experience," Achterberg said. "My background is in riding and because we don't ride at the Youth level,  I wanted to step up and test myself against the higher level of competition."
First name pentathlete Anna Jaffe finished strong and was happy with her performance after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
"Like a lot of things we do at MIT, I had only learned about some of these sports by reading books," the noticeably exhausted yet ecstatic Jaffe said. "This was my first time actually performing all five events together and I'm looking forward to training even more and working on my technique in a lot of areas."
The final day of competition will see the Senior Men take to the courses.