Youth-Junior Training Camp/Competition - COS

Feb. 16, 2010, 7:55 p.m. (ET)



 Youth and Junior Training Competition


March 31-April 3, 2010

Olympic Training Center

Colorado Springs, CO


Coach:  Jan Olesinski


Invitation and registration information





We are pleased to announce that we will host a spring Youth and Junior training camp and competition in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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SCHEDULE (tentative)

We will provide detailed schedules at camp but here's the general idea.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Athletes will arrive and register at the athlete's services desk.


Thursday, April 1 - Friday, April 2, 2010

Athletes will train in fencing, swimming, shooting and running.  For those who elected riding lessons, transportation will be provided.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Competition Day.  We will fence and swim at the USOC then hold riding at MM Equestrian along with the combined event. 

Afternoon and evening departures.



We are staying at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs. Each room has either two or three single beds. All minors will be chaperoned. We have 20 beds reserved for this training/competition.  There is a minimum age requirement of 15 to stay at the OTC.

If you plan to attend as a family, there may be space available for or we will recommend local hotels for family members.  Since we are sponsored by Hilton, there are several Hilton properties that will offer discounts:  Antlers Hilton, Doubletree hotel, Hampton Inn.  The closest hotel is the Days Inn. 

For athletes, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be in the OTC cafeteria.


Athletes not driving will arrive at the Colorado Springs airport.  The Denver airport is an option but there is no shuttle service.  The OTC will provide shuttle service to and from the Colorado Springs airport. 

VENUES - Competition will be conducted under UIPM Rules.

  • Run/Shoot and ride: The combined event will be held at the MM Equestrian Center. The running will be on a flat mixed surface of compressed sand and asphalt and on grass. (Please let us know if you need to rent an air pistol.)

MM Equestrian Center

12393 Squirrel Creek Road
Fountain, CO 80817Fountain, CO  80817

  • Fencing/Swim: Sport Center and USOC aquatics center 50 meter pool

1 Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO  80909




The new run/shoot rules specify:

  • A pentathlete must wear athletic clothing.
  • The pentathlete must wear a top with their name clearly visible and professionally printed on the back side of the top. Below the name should be the NF (nation) code, 7 to 12 cm high and in a contrasting color to the color of their shirt.
  • Pentathletes must compete with athletics shoes, with or without spikes.


  • Protective fencing clothing with fencer's surname and national code on the back of the jacket. (Please let us know if you need to rent fencing equipment.)

Riding - Juniors Only in Competition (Must have a UIPM riding card or Riding Director Approval)

  • Breeches, jacket, shirt, and tie for men
  • Breeches, jacket, and blouse for women
  • Riding boots with heel and protective vests are recommended for new riders
  • ASTM-approved helmets are mandatory

The technical delegate will check fencing jackets, masks, epees, air pistols, and riding helmets. Please bring all equipment to the competition registration.


Divisions (age on December 31, 2010)

_ Youth B (15-16)

_ Youth A (17-18)

_ Junior (19-21)

All divisions will participate in the combined run/shoot discipline with a handicapped start. Youth will not ride in the competition.

Competing more than one division above your age category requires approval from the organizing committee. The competition will be conducted under UIPM rules.  For more information, e-mail



Name: _________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Cell phone: _____________ Email address: __________________

Age: ____ Birth date: _________ Gender: ____ UIPM #_________

Division: ________________________USA Pentathlon #_________

If competitor is a minor, please provide the following parent/guardian information:

Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Cell phone: _____________ Email address: __________________

Arrival time/date: __________________ Flight # _____________

Departure time/date:________________ Flight # _____________

Parent/Guardian Chaperone ________________________yes or no

Volunteer Sign Up for Competition ___________________________



To make this event a success, we need to know the number of participants very soon. Please indicate your interest in the camp and/or competition by returning the entry form as early as possible. Deadline is March 5, 2010.

Entry fees include transportation, food and lodging for competitors only.

_ Camp registration fee (includes competition and lodging at USOC)

$300 for non-riders; $450 for riders.  

_ Competition registration fee (for competitors not participating in camp)

$75 for non-riders; $150 for riders

_ Late registration fee (after March 5, 2010): Additional $50


Total fees: $_____

Please make checks payable to USA Pentathlon. To complete your entry, fill out the registration form and sign the respective waivers and OTC forms and mail to the address below. Checks must be included with entry.

WAIVERS: The waiver (link below) must be signed by the applicant and parent or legal guardian if the applicant is under 18 years of age and returned with the application. You will not be allowed to compete without a signed waiver.  You will also be required to complete the paperwork for USOC access.

Click here for waiver

Mail entry packets to:

USA Pentathlon

1 Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO  80909

For more information:  For general inquiries, contact Penny Warren at or call her at 1-719-866-3029