Mixed Relay Wraps Up Youth Olympic Games

Aug. 23, 2010, 7:32 p.m. (ET)

The mixed relay competition will conclude the modern pentathlon competition on Tuesday at the Youth Olympic Games. American Anna Olesinski (Roswell, N.M.) will be paired up with China's Jiahao Han, the 2010 youth world champion, while Nathan Schrimsher (Roswell, N.M.) will team up with Cuba's Leydi Laura Moya Lopez, who won the gold medal in Saturday's women's competition.
"The language is pentathlon, and we both do pentathlon so we both understand each other," said Schrimsher on his pairing with the Cuban. "We'll figure it out. I'll brush up on some Spanish."

Mixed Relay event allows up to 24 relay teams on two competitors to compete in a one-day format. Each relay team is made up of one girl and one boy who participated in the individual competition. The teams will be set by a draw held after the Boys Individual competition. If there are different number of girls and boys (for example due to injury), the number of girls or boys will be trimmed by pre-draw. The girl team member will start first in every discipline.
Each relay team will fence against all remaining relay teams with an electric épée. Athletes fence the same gender competitor. If there are 24 teams, each team will fence 23 matches or 92 bouts where each athlete will fence 46 bouts. Duration of a bout is maximum one minute. If a hit (touch) is not scored within the time, both competitors register a defeat. The target area is the whole body. All relay teams will be grouped in the fencing pairs (2 relay teams in a pair). The draw of the fencing pairs and assignment of the pistes for Mixed Relay will be made by the UIPM Event Delegates before the Technical Meeting for the Mixed Relay event. The fencing pairs will be placed on the six pistes plus one reserve piste as defined by UIPM rules.
The swimming event is a freestyle 2 x 100 metres relay race. The girl team member starts first. Teams will be seeded into one of three heats according to their total of two personal best times achieved by each athlete in the last 12 months in 100m freestyle.
Combined Event Running and Shooting
The mixed relay team with the most points after 2 disciplines starts first in the Combined Event Running and Shooting. The remaining mixed relays start with time handicaps (one second for every four Modern Pentathlon points after two MP disciplines. The girl starts first. The boy starts once his team mate has touched him on any part of his body within the hand-over zone. The course is composed of approximately 20m run; first shooting (5 targets to be shot within time limit of 90 seconds); 1000m run; second shooting (5 targets to be shot within time limit of 90 seconds); 1000m run; for each pentathlete. Non-ammunition weapons and electronic targets will be used in the shooting. The mixed relays will be ranked according to their arrival at the finish.