CEO Public Hearing Comments

Sept. 02, 2009, 11:51 a.m. (ET)

5th Public Hearing - Modern Pentathlon

The USOC hosted a public hearing on the status of USA Pentathlon on Friday, August 28, 2009.  Eric Parthen, USOC Governance, provided a welcome to all in attendance at the hearing (both in person and on conference call).

Eric Parthen introduced me as the CEO of USA Pentathlon and I provided the following overview.

A special "thank you" to the Board of Directors and all volunteers who have given of their time and resources to take the organization to where it is today.

Thank you to the athletes for their efforts on the field of play.  I was impressed with their performances at the World Championships in London.  I look forward to seeing them continue to improve and develop.

We are in a time of transition - in provisional status but still operating as the NGB.

The Board of Directors is going through a transition with 3 board members resigning effective September 1, 2009.  They are also transitioning from a managing board to a governing board, focusing on policy and long-term strategic vision.

As far as staff, I am the CEO.  We have an intern from the University of Colorado beginning on Monday.  I am interviewing individuals for part-time administrative support.  We are part of the USOC shared services program.  Bill Kellick, media relations for USA TaeKwonDo is providing media services for pentathlon. 

Our website is under revision.  We should have directories for clubs (fencing, swimming, riding) posted soon.  We are working on a yearlong calendar with competition and training schedules.  A frequency asked question section will be built with the common questions which have been asked.  Selection criteria are being revised this fall and will be posted.  We will continue to have blogs from myself and athletes on the main page.

Where we are to date?  The focus is on 4 primary missions:  Membership,   Development, Fundraising and Coaching.

Membership:  A company called RailStation will host online membership and event management to include rankings.  I am working on completing the basic template for information to be gathered.

Development:  A few weeks ago, I met with Tom Adams, the President of US Pony Club.  We will support each other and work through Tetrathlon committee to recruit athletes to Pentathlon.  I am working to re-establish programs at the military academies, USMA and USAFA as well as working with Army and Air Force World Class Athlete Programs (WCAP).  Additionally, I am working to establish Centers of Excellence around the country that will give athletes a chance to develop regionally without substantial travel.

Fundraising:  Working with the USOC Development Officer, we developed a model for fundraising.  I am currently working to establish fundraising committee

Coaching:  Now that the competitive season has ended, we are evaluating all coaching to date.  I am working to establish network of coaches in conjunction with the Centers of Excellence.  We are looking to bring in specialty coaches for clinics, camps, etc. and the development of individualized athlete training plans.

I know that there have been many issues regarding USA Pentathlon to date.  I want to assure you that all issues will be reviewed and addressed.  The elected athlete representative will be involved in all procedures.  Beginning on Wednesday, September 2nd, we will begin having a community forum conference call to discuss any issues as a community.  As far as any grievance, the organizational bylaws clearly outline the process to be followed.  Finally going forward, all communication should be directed to CEO. 

Thank you.