Jr World Championships Fundraiser Thank You

Nov. 05, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

Sometimes the simplest words are the best and we want to stick to something simple to everyone who participated in our recent fundraiser for Team USA.  With that, here it is - THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a donation to support USA Karate and our athletes.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  We started with a modest goal of $2,500 and ended up raising over $4,600 UPDATE: WE ARE NOW OVER $5,200!  While we came up short of our updated goal of $5,000, we’re still so impressed about how everyone came together to support our athletes and our programs. 

The funds raised came from some amazing supporters of USA Karate and we would like to list them here for all of you to see.  Regardless of if they donated $10 or $1000, we appreciate each and every one of them.

Diane Martin

Carl Breunin

Saroj Bhattarai

Jake Lease

Noah  Pao

Thomas Mulhern

Ray Hughes

Ivan Fernandez

Safin Kasturi

Michael Darigo

Tyler Yamasaki

Gayle Ishii-Chang

Jonathan Eichner

Douglas Stein

Mary Scott

Rodger Pyle

Mark Davidson

Kelly Lebedun

Jay  Farrell

Simon Lok

Ed Allegretti

Jo Pledge

Warren Dote

Bill Bastian

Akira  Fukuda

Doug Jepperson

David Kaneda

Luis Ruiz

Pierre Millet

Kurt Wahle

Deb Cupples

Carlos Quintero

Danny Mendoza

Abigail Matsumoto

Nicole Cooke

Jeffrey Kohn

Christopher Stratis

Lauren Hamm

Brody Burns

Jesus Costa

Alex & Vitaly Padalka

Darisa Crawford

Michael Nassey Jr

Tim Taylor

Ray Tozaki

Barabara Almirola

Bonnie Schnably

David Munden

Michael Ross

Fariba Madani

Sara Plackett

Paula Wolfe

Annette Atwood

William Gatch

Johnpaul Williams   Debendra Amatya   Brian Maher
Ashley Brohas   Craig Warren    

We’re in Spain this week for the Junior World Karate Championships and we will of course be keeping you updated on their activities via Twitter & Facebook.  During the week, we’re going to keep the fundraiser page open and who knows, maybe we will hit our updated goal of $5,000 or even more!  If you want to make a last minute donation, you can do so below.

Thank you again to everyone who continues to support USA Karate and our athletes & programs.  We truly appreciate it and it helps us continue to do the things we do and to do even greater things in the future!

Best Regards and Go USA!