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USA Karate

Junior Team in Colombia

Aug. 22, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

The Junior National Team did a fantastic job in Medellin, Colombia at the 2013 Junior Pan American Championships.  Team USA finished 5th overall and is now looking forward to the Junior World Championships this November in Spain.

Competition Draws

Day 1 Completed Draws

Day 2 Completed Draws

Overall Team USA Medals

Gold Silver  Bronze 
3 10  16

Day 3 Results

Jesus Costa Bronze   18-20 Male Kumite Open  
J. Costa, C. Glancey
R. Ramrup, A. Diana
Silver   18-20 Male Team Kumite 

Day 2 Results

Jasmine Nguyen Gold  16-17 Female Kata 
Joane Orbon Gold  18-20 Female Kumite -60kg 
Marika Watanabe Silver  16-17 Female Kumite -48kg 
Kamran Madani Silver  16-17 Male Kumite -76kg 
Jesus Costa Silver  18-20 Male Kumite -68kg 
Megan Neal Bronze  16-17 Female Kumite -48kg 
Christian Embry Bronze   16-17 Male Kumite -68kg 
Maya Wasowicz Bronze  16-17 Female Kumite +60kg 

Day 1 Results

Ivan Fernandez Gold  12-13 Male Kumite -40kg 
Ariel Torres Silver  14-15 Male Kata 
Shannon Clarke Silver  14-15 Female Kumite +54kg 
Max Segal Silver  14-15 Male Kumite -70kg 
Madison Malone Silver  12-13 Female Kumite -40kg 
Rey Simon Silver  12-13 Male Kumite -35kg 
Alex Matsumoto Silver  12-13 Male Kumite +50kg
Kelara Madani  Bronze  12-13 Female Kumite +45kg 
Safin Kasturi Bronze  12-13 Female Kumite -45kg 
Mathew Jen Bronze  12-13 Female Kumite -45kg 
Jennifer Robinson Bronze   14-15 Female Kumite -54kg 
Eddie Allagretti Bronze  14-15 Male Kumite -57kg 
Elora Jaggi Bronze  14-15 Female Kumite -54kg 
Sabrina Hostettler Bronze  14-15 Female Kumite -47kg 
Rey Simon Bronze  12-13 Male Kata 
Jennifer Robinson Bronze  14-15 Female Kata 
Matthew Pinney Bronze  12-13 Male Kumite -50kg 
Nolan O'Rear Bronze  12-13 Male Kumite +50kg 
Aaron Kaneda Bronze  12-13 Male Kumite -35kg 


Name Role 
John DiPasquale Head of Delegation/President 
Jake Lease Executive Director/Secretary General 
Tokey Hill Head Coach/Team Leader 
Tommy Hood Assistant Head Coach 
Akira Fukuda Coach 
Dustin Baldis Coach 
Jim Buchen Coach 
Samantha Hostettler Coach 

Athlete Roster

Division Name 
12-13 Male Kata Rey Simon 
  Ivan Fernandez
12-13 Female Kata Emily Hemmerling 
  Trinity Allen
14-15 Male Kata Arriel Torres 
  Taishi Tozaki
14-15 Female Kata Jennifer Robinson
  Chandler Ury
16-17 Male Kata Brandon Malone 
  Ethan Pearson
16-17 Female Kata Jasmine Nguyen
  Aryamitra Bake
18-20 Male Kata Joseph Martinez
  Charles Watson
18-20 Female Kata Tiare Tsutsui
  Jessica Kwong

12-13 Male Kumite -35kg Rey Simon
  Aaron Kaneda
12-13 Male Kumite -40kg Ivan Fernandez
  David Lipton
12-13 Male Kumite -45kg Matthew Jen
  Safin Kasturi

12-13 Male Kumite -50kg Matthew Pinney
  Henry Liu
12-13 Male Kumite +50kg Nolan Orear
  Alex Matsumoto
12-13 Female Kumite -40kg Madison Malone
  Trinity Allen
12-13 Female Kumite -45kg Eva Alexander
  Eliza Atwood
12-13 Female Kumite +45kg Kelara Madani 
  Lily Martinelli 
14-15 Male Kumite -52kg Danny Cabello 
  Angel Diaz
14-15 Male Kumite -57kg Edward Allegretti
  Ryu Watanabe
14-15 Male Kumite -63kg  Christopher Penna 
  Marcus Malone 
14-15 Male Kumite -70kg Ian Hayes
  Max Segal
14-15 Male Kumite +70kg Elijah Hintz
  Theo Pardike
14-15 Female Kumite -47kg Sabrina Hostettler
  Giselle Kaneda
14-15 Female Kumite -54kg Jennifer Robinson 
  Elora Jaggi
14-15 Female Kumite +54kg Shannon Clarke 
  Carly Crawford
16-17 Male Kumite -55kg Brandon Malone 
  Preston Huggins
16-17 Male Kumite -61kg Jason Krol
  Anthony Costa
16-17 Male Kumite -68kg Christian Embry
  Chance Perez
16-17 Male Kumite -76kg Kamran Madani
  Matthew Zalewski
16-17 Male Kumite +76kg Kyle Romard
  Todd Pinney
16-17 Female Kumite -48kg Marika Watanabe
  Megan Neal
16-17 Female Kumite -53kg Izumi Shimanouchi
  Camille Papelera
16-17 Female Kumite -59kg Katherine Reynolds 
  Delaney Lebedun
16-17 Female Kumite +59kg Vienna Krumwiede 
  Aleen Mills
18-20 Male Kumite -68kg Jesus Costa 
  Alexander Diana
18-20 Male Kumite -78kg Valdemar Solis
  Kevin Briceno
18-20 Male Kumite +78kg Rajesh Ramrup 
  Callum Glancy
18-20 Female Kumite -53kg Anjolie Clark 
18-20 Female Kumite -60kg Joane Orbon
  Jordan Valle
18-20 Female Kumite +60kg Maya Wasowicz 
  Sloan Galbraith