Athlete - Adam Older

Name Adam Older
Twitter Name Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Current Hometown Colmar, PA
Height/ Weight 5'8"/185lb
Family (only child, brothers/sisters, ect) 1 brother - Greg (former US team member)
What age did you start karate? 6
What style of karate do you do? Shotokan
What's your favorite food? Hibachi Style Filet Mignon
What type of music do you listen to? Everything as long as it's good
What is your favorite music group or artist? It changes constantly, right now it's Disturbed
Do you listen to music before you go it the ring? If so, what kind? Yes, usaually Heavy Metal
Do you have any pets? What kind? 2 Shih Tzus
What is your pets name? Miley and Mabel
Do you have any hidden talents? I'm a rather good cook
How many hours a week do you workout in preparation for a major tournament? 10-20 Depending on my schedule
Is this your first World Championships?
What are your thoughts about the World Championships in Paris?
This is my third World Championships. I couldn't be more excited about competing in Paris. The atmosphere at the World Championships is electric by itself, add 15,000 screaming Europeans to that and you have an erupting volcano of energy. I think our team has a good mix of youth and experience, we're strong at every division, and we have an excellent chance of leaving Paris with a lot of French Gold.
Do you have a lucky charm? What is it? Fortune favors the prepared . . .I make my own luck.
Who is your favorite superhero? Superman - because he's super
Who is your hero in real life? Why? My mother was born on a farm in Guatemala where she lived until she was 16. At that age she left home and moved to the United States to live with a family friend as an O pare. When she was 21 she moved to New Jersey to live with her sister and find a job. She met my father while working in a camera shop. After they got married she finished her GED and started her own business running a Day Care. She has since gotten her college degree, expanded her business, started a second business, and raised two sons. If she can start where she started and accomplish what she has, then I can do ANYTHING.
Hobbies Sports, Movies, and Spending time with my family
Favorite Quote Do or Do Not, there is no Try.
Biggest Win. Why?

At the 2008 World Championships I drew Diego Vandeshrick (defending European Champion and World silver medalist) in the first round of kilo. I found out 3 days before I fought him that he was my first match and was a little shaken when i heard. Over the next few days i spent a lot of time visualizing fighting him. I watched him during the Team Kumite, and we were in the same ring fight Open Weight, so I got a lot of chances to see him fight. The more I saw him and the more I visualized our upcoming match the more confident I grew. When the fight finally came i entered the ring believing I was going to win. We went back an forth for 3 minutes, but in the end i won the match in Encho Sen.

What do you love about competition?

I love the preparation leading up to a tournament, and the electric feeling I get when I'm on my way there. I love the smell of an empty arena when we arrive at the tournament in the morning, I like to walk around the competition area to get a feel for the space. I love the tension in the air when you're standing in a room full of people you're about to do battle with; you politely nod at each other rather than saying hi because you know that in a little while you're going to be adversaries. I love the feel of being in the ring, I feel like a gladiator when I'm fighting and everyone is watching. We are the few, the elite, the chosen ones representing our country in competition.

Favorite way to relax? Watching a movie with my family and enjoying a glass of wine or a good beer.
Advice for the youth athletes in karate? Never stop trying to learn something new. You can learn from losing, you can learn from watching others, you can learn from talking to someone you admire for just a few minutes. Some of my biggest epiphanies have come after talking to a fighter or coach for 5 minutes. I grew as much in that 5 minutes as I did in the 6 months before or after. If you love karate, then there is no reason to ever stop trying to be better. If you make yourself the absolute best that you can be, winning will take care of itself.
Where do you get your inspiration from? Throughout my career I have drawn inspiration from different sources. At first it was my Sensei and the people in my dojo that trained me, later it was the Olympic athletes I watched every 4 years on TV, now I find myself driven by the desire to make my children proud to say "that's my Daddy".