What is SafeSport?

SafeSport is the Olympic community’s initiative to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct in sport. The six primary types of misconduct are 

 Bullying
 Harassment
 Hazing
 Emotional Misconduct
 Physical Misconduct, and
 Sexual Misconduct, including Child Sexual Abuse 

Why SafeSport? 

Sport provides athletes with an opportunity to perform – on and off the field. Unfortunately, sport can also be a high-risk environment for misconduct and abuse. For example, studies indicate that as many as 1 in 8 athletes will be sexually abused within their sport. Misconduct is a critical issue in sport, and one which we all need a game plan to prevent. 

Who is SafeSport for? 

We all play a role in reducing misconduct and abuse and sport. SafeSport provides resources for all members of the sport community – organizations, coaches, parents and athletes – to understand what misconduct is, implement ways to reduce it and identify plans to respond to it. 

What tools are available from SafeSport? 

The SafeSport Tools include written materials to help the community prevent misconduct in sport. For example, the SafeSport “Handbook,” is an editable document that provides a starting place for sport organizations to develop a SafeSport strategy with sample policies, forms and documents. 

The tools also include the SafeSport Training, a video-based online training for coaches, staff and volunteers that addresses the six types of misconduct and provides an in-depth look at how to recognize, reduce and respond to child sexual abuse. 

As a community, we have an opportunity to be part of the SafeSport solution. Start now by visiting www.safesport.org.

To download a copy of the information provided above in a pdf file CLICK HERE