Hannah Martin Interview

May 29, 2014, 4:31 p.m. (ET)

Thank you all who took the time and sent questions to Hannah Martin! Here is the interview:

1.  What does your training and conditioning program resemble off the mat?

I do lots of circuit training- I prefer Kettlebell workouts. I do lots of body weight movements, such as pullups, pushups, body weight squats.

I do lift heavy when I am not in tournament season and for cardio I either do sprints or I run a few miles every other day. I believe the best cardio for judo- is to actually do judo! Lots and lots of Randori!

2.  What do you think about immediately after you win an important match?

I usually have to come up with a game plan for my next match, can’t dwell on wins or loses until the tournament is officially over.

3.  How many hours per week do you devote to Judo alone?

Give or take 20-25 hours a week.

4.  What's your favorite ice cream?

I like it plain and simple, I love Vanilla!

5.  Has judo become your lifestyle?

Yes. My schedule is evolved around judo and my workouts and my competitions.

6.  Do you make time for social events?

I believe there is a time and place for everything. So, yes I do make time for important social events, even though my priority is judo.

7.  What is your favorite technique to start women out with in Judo and then same question but with Children?

Women: O-soto gari  and harai-goshi

Children: Seoi-nage

8.  What is the worst thing about the sport? What is your favorite thing about the sport?

The worst….. I would have to say the traveling. The way the tournaments are set up, we have to do lots and lots of traveling to obtain world ranking points. One weekend I am in Mongolia the next week I am in South America. The tournament schedule is everywhere. But the positive side I do get to see and experience lots of different cultures and countries!

My favorite thing about the sport- is that even at the highest elite level there is always something to work on. Judo is so diverse and there are so many different techniques. I am constantly learning something new every day and adding more and more to my game. It is really fun and it helps you to stay motivated because you are constantly learning.

9.  What do you like to do when you not working out and not doing judo?

I do spend a lot of time working out! So when I am not working out, I really like to just sit and relax or read. I also like to watch TV shows- marathon style because I always miss my favorite shows when I am out of the country.

And when the weather is nice I try and spend as much time as possible outside, whether its sitting in the sun, swimming or doing some other kind of active activity.

10.  What do you think is the most important aspect of training?

Setting mini-goals before you go to training. On my way to judo every day I come up with three goals that I want to accomplish at practice. It helps me stay focused and improve. I also think it is important to have a positive attitude when you are training. Positivity doesn’t only just help you but helps create a good environment in the dojo.

11.  Batman or Superman?

Batman all the way!! I used to want to be BatGirl when I was little, and maybe a little part of me still wants to be Batgirl.

12.  How much time you spend on training?

I do judo 6x a week, sometimes twice a day. So I Can end up having 10-11 judo sessions a week- which adds up to almost 25 hours of judo a week!  I also do strength/conditioning almost every day as well, for about an hour/hour in a half. Most of the time I am working out three times a day. So I spend most of my day training!

13.  What kind of mental prep do you do before you compete?

I usually have an idea on who is going to be at the competitions, so a lot of times on my runs I visualize what I plan to do at the tournament. I visualize who I am going to fight and how I am going to win. It’s kind of like talking to yourself, I’m usually like “Ok, Hannah… this is what we are going to do… “I also do this before I go to sleep at night and when I am at the dojo during randori I treat every round like it is a competition.

14.  Gonna start my daughters in Judo. What should I look 4 in a Judo school?

1. I think getting your daughter into judo is an AWESOME idea! #girlpower and 

2. I think you should look at how the class is run, is there proper instruction? Are they teaching the kids how to properly fall, how to tie their belt? Are they teaching the basics and actually taking the time to correct them? Also to make sure there is structure and it is not just an hour of playtime. Judo is supposed to be fun but it is also supposed to teach your child discipline and respect.

15.  What is your favorite post-workout food?

This is kind of a hard question! I love food! And it all depends on my mood and how hard or hungry I am after my work-out!  I often find myself eating ice-cream after a hard session or drinking chocolate milk. My go-to post workout drink! But when I am deciding to be healthy, my favorite post-workout food is sashimi or sushi.

16.  What’s your way to cut weight?

I actually do not have to cut weight before competition. Since moving up to 63kg in 2011, I might have to limit my water and my food intake the day of the weigh-ins, and if I am over, I usually have to do a 20 minute run or a team judo practice and I will be under- but nothing too serious. I don’t have to wear plastics and dehydrate myself which I am extremely thankful for- since I had to do that in my 57kg days!