Junior World Championships Wild Cards

May 28, 2014, 9:37 p.m. (ET)

For the 2014 Junior World Championships the International Judo Federation has provided that each country gets only one entry per age and weight division BUT, they are permitted TWO male and TWO female wild-card spots. This means that two additional athletes of each gender can be added – but in no case can any country have more than two athletes in a division.

Earning a Wild Card - All athletes who did not qualify for the Junior World Team directly are eligible to compete for Wild Card spots, including the Alternate Team members. The two IJF Junior Male Athletes and the two IJF Junior Female athletes, who competed in IJF Juniors at the 2014 USA Judo Scholastic & Youth Nationals, who did not qualify for the Junior World Team, who are not both in the same weight division, and who have the highest individual division point totals on the IJF Junior roster that is fully updated and in effect on May 12, 2014, will be offered the Wild Card spots. In case of declinations, the spots will be offered in order to the eligible individuals who own the highest point totals in their individual division. (Note: it is not possible to combine points from multiple divisions).

We are happy to have concluded the Wild Card selection process that enables us to round out our Junior World Championships roster. The quest for the Wild Card spots is a race among the highest point holders from all of the weight divisions to qualify for only two additional spots for each of the Male and Female Teams. Wild Cards were designed to provide for talented athletes who have established ongoing high levels of production despite not having qualified directly for the Team(s), and to give them the opportunity to continue to excel. As with all of our athletes, we expect that our Wild Cards will do all they can do to maximize their chances in the upcoming World competition” - said Jim Hrbek, USA Judo Director for Junior Athlete Performance.

Following athletes have been awarded Wild Cards for 2014 Junior World Championships:

Matthew Koch -90kg

John Jayne - 100kg

Lauren Baez - 63kg

Alex Hyatt - 44kg