Statement From The Board of Directors

May 09, 2014, 6:16 p.m. (ET)

USA Judo

In a recent internet posting, information was published in regard to a letter sent to USA Judo which expressed concerns about various business and financial affairs of USA Judo. The letter stated that it was sent on an informal basis, not as a formal complaint.

USA Judo will not comment on informal inquiries and will not violate any confidences by responding to rumors on the internet, regardless of their source.  We also will not speculate as to the motives of anyone who would release this information.  

The USA Judo Board of Directors takes very seriously our obligation to protect the integrity of our sport and of our organization. We have an on-going commitment to address concerns, whenever they are appropriately brought to our attention.  We also have a commitment to do so in a thorough, neutral and discrete investigative process, to avoid drawing pre-judgments, and to avoid responding in knee-jerk fashion to social media posts or opinion trends.

Therefore, the USA Judo Board of Directors has initiated a review process, which will be undertaken independent of the Board and staff, to determine if any of the concerns have merit. The results will be reported to the Board for its consideration and any appropriate action. 

USA Judo leadership recognizes the successes that have been achieved by USA Judo through the dedicated support of its volunteers and staff, and wants to build upon those successes as we move forward.

Best Regards,

USA Judo Board of Directors