From The USA Judo Board of Directors

May 08, 2014, 12:46 a.m. (ET)

 USA Judo

The USA Judo Board of Directors (The Board) has reviewed the findings and recommendations of the USA Judo Judicial Committee relative to an issue which arose within weigh-ins for the IJF Junior -48kg division at our recent 2014 National Scholastic Judo Championships.

The Board has determined that all parties involved (players, coaches and staff) acted with good intentions in both the weigh-in and the response and inquiry to the weigh-in. However, The Board has also determined that in the interest of equity and transparency, the division should be re-fought as a trial to select an athlete to represent the United States on the 2014 IJF Junior World Championships team in the -48kg weight division.

All athletes who registered for that division at the 2014 Scholastic National Championships will be invited to register for the re-fight. The re-fight of the division will be held in conjunction with upcoming 2014 Junior Olympics National Championships. The Board has also directed that there will be no entry fee for the re-fight, and also that USA Judo will waive the Junior Olympics entry fee for any of those eligible athletes who elect to participate in both the re-fight and in the -48kg IJF division at the JOs.

Official time and date, as well as details about how to register, will be forthcoming.

Finally, The Board has requested that the USA Judo Tournament Committee review standard weigh-in procedures for all of our national events and report its recommendations back the The Board.