Young Stars Head To PanAms with Seniors

By Ernest Pund | March 14, 2014, 11:33 p.m. (ET)
Gabriela Prado
Coral Springs, FL

How does it feel for a 15-year-old heading to a Pan American Open where she’ll be facing seniors across the mat in Uruguay?

“I am super nervous and excited to fight with great competitors in such a large tournament, and at a senior level,” said Gabriela Prado of Coral Springs, FL. “This will be a great test to see how I am developing and growing in my sport."

She’ll be right alongside Olympian Nick Delpopolo and other veterans on the U.S. team headed to Pan American Open in Uruguay. Another young one is Adonis Diaz of Miami.

The team heads first to the Pan American Open in Uruguay March 17, where Prado and Diaz will fight. Then many of the same U.S. athletes head to a second Pan American Open in Argentina, March 22. See the rosters at URUGUAY and ARGENTINA.