Junior Athletes receive awards at 2014 Junior Olympics

By Diego Osorio | July 01, 2014, 11:14 p.m. (ET)

The following awards were given to different athletes throughout the weekend at the Junior Olympics for their outstanding performances and sportsmanship. The list below showcases those who excelled in this event and are recognized for it with a special award.

Day 1

Outstanding: Misato Sandoval
Best Technique: Ashlyn White
Fighting Spirit: Mackenzie More

Outstanding: Liam Wright
Best Technique: Frank Mesa
Fighting Spirit: Isaiah Ramirez

Day 2

Outstanding: April Fehr
Best Technique: Misato Sandoval
Fighting Spirit: Anastasia Rivas

Outstanding: Kyle Wright
Best Technique: Leonardo Subiza
Fighting Spirit: Georgi Prangashvili


A special thanks to:

International delegations; Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama and Uruguay, whose participation contributed to the success of this year’s Junior Olympic Championships.