The World Celebrates Olympic Day

By Diego Osorio | April 16, 2014, 5:12 p.m. (ET)

Every year, millions of people from around the world come together to celebrate a very important date – Olympic Day. Held annually on June 23, sports enthusiasts and supporters from over 160 countries gather to commemorate what we now know as the modern Olympic games.

From Saturday, May 31 to Monday, June 30, communities across the United States will have the opportunity to register their own day and honor Olympic day in the effort to promote fitness and well-being.

USA Judo athlete and former Olympian, Nick Delpopolo, will host an event in the spirit of Olympic day at his Dojo on Monday, June 23, in Hialeah, FL. The event will consist of a free judo clinic with fellow Budokan Olympians; Orlando Fuentes (1996), Lauren Meece (2000), Eduardo Novoa Barrientos (1984) and his son Felipe Novoa (2008) accompanying Delpopolo on site as guest speakers and to teach attendees the art of judo.

“Budokan Judo Club decided to organize an Olympic day event so kids in our local community could have a unique opportunity to interact with Olympians. Our goal is to get kids off of the streets and onto Judo mats. We hope that we will meet many future black belts who can look back on this day as the start of a lifelong relationship with judo,” said Delpopolo.

From Florida to New York, Leo Lopes, owner of Total Form Fitness in Hartsdale, NY, is also joining the celebration June 14, as he plans a great experience that he wishes to turn into a recurring community tradition. “I understand the power that the Olympics has to bring people together. It is something that I understood as an athlete and it is something that I wish to teach to the members of my gym and their families” Stated Leo whose dream as a kid was to become an Olympic champion; however, this dream was short lived because of his knee injury that impeded him from realizing his dream and qualifying for the Olympics.

“Boston Judo Club and The Ultimate Self Defense & Performance Center hope to share and develop a solid foundation in health, fitness, and judo skill for inner city youth and share the Olympic Spirit.” Said Muccini. On June 18, Olympic day will be in the hands of Ultimate Self Defense Center owner, Andrea Muccini, who will organize a conditioning event for kids consisting of obstacle indoor course of sprinting, lifting, and of course- Judo throws.

The influence of this day in the community is of great magnitude. People of all ages can benefit from Olympic day through educational programming and other activities that highlight the Olympic ideals of fair play, perseverance, respect and Sportsmanship.

Members of clubs hosting an Olympic Day event will get a $5 discount toward membership renewals or new memberships.

For more information and to register for Olympic Day, please click HERE.