Wisconsin Judo Inc hosts Rules Clinic

Oct. 25, 2013, 11:43 a.m. (ET)

Mr. Robert Fukuda (Chairman of the USA Judo Referee commission), provided an intensive review of recent rule modifications. The Clinic was designed to assist players and coaches on the mat. Referees also obtained a wealth of knowledge of on the mat procedures.

The clinic also included Mr. David Smith Esq. and Dr. Kei Narimatsu –IJF International “A” Referees.

The AM included a slide presentation. The afternoon included “on the mat” demonstrations provided by Mike and Josh Cypert. Specific questions and scenarios were presented and discussed.

This clinic is part of the on-going referee recruitment and education process of WJI’s Referee Committee. The Committee boasts of placing five (5) new referees on the mat at the Badger Open the day prior. Additionally, Mr. Fukuda presented a Local Referee Certificate to Wisconsin’s youngest referee – 12 year old Parker Roloff and promoted another to Local Referee following the event