Thursby Software Becomes Sponsor of USA Judo

By Ernest Pund | July 31, 2013, 12:08 a.m. (ET)

Bill and Lynn ThursbyJuly 30, 2013 – USA Judo is proud to announce that Thursby Software of Arlington, TX, has become a sponsor of the organization, making it all the more possible to build the Olympic sport throughout the country and put elite U.S. competitors on the highest podiums on the planet.

"It is not every day that an organization finds someone willing to put the sweat of labor as well as the funds from their pockets into something that they believe in,” said Jose H. Rodriguez, USA Judo’s CEO. “The Thursby family has done exactly that! I really do not have words to express our gratitude for the contribution that both Bill and Lynn have made to USA Judo, outside of saying ‘THANK YOU!’ USA Judo has been blessed with their participation and I pray that we begin to find more like the Thursbys, who speak with deeds and their checkbook."

Thursby SoftwareThursby Software Systems, Inc. is an Arlington Texas based company that specializes in secure mobile device connectivity.  Its PKard Reader family of products secures U.S. Government iPhones and iPads with CAC and PIV cards (government issued smart cards used for identification).

Since its founding in 1986, Thursby Software has over 70,000 clients from around the world and on all of its continents. Thursby¹s wide diversity of clients include the Department of Defense, Barclays Bank, Discovery Channel, Major League Baseball, and many universities.

The founder of the company, Bill Thursby, got his introduction to Judo by marrying into a judo family.  Mr. Thursby recalled, “the first judo tournament I ever watched was 20 years ago when my future daughter, Jessica Wooldridge, competed as a 6 year old girl.” Jessica went on to be both nationally ranked as a junior and senior athlete.

Jessica’s mom, Lynn Wooldridge Thursby, has been active in judo for the past 21 years, through practicing and teaching youth and having served as the All-Star Chairman for Texas Judo.  The Thursby’s granddaughter, Hope Carpenter, is currently participating in judo as well.

“As a judo outsider, I saw the sport to be very different in nature than most that I had been exposed to,” Thursby said. “Young athletes are typically exposed to either members of their own school or surrounding schools. At the tournaments that I started attending I was seeing a combination of ages starting very young ranging to fairly senior contestants. Included would be athletes from not only the surrounding communities but around the state and throughout the nation. Representation would be from clubs, universities, and even branches of the U.S. military. Frequently, an international team would participate, a true diversity that most other athletes never get exposed to.”

Thursby said, “I gained appreciation of USA Judo through the work of Ed Liddie at the Olympic Training Center with his emphasis on the importance of life balance to the athlete, in and out of the sport itself.  My wife, Lynn Wooldridge Thursby, and I have realized the difficulties that many of the athletes have in a sport that isn’t heavily subsidized by outside sources. We have been fortunate. Through both our company and our family charitable trust we have been able to support multiple individual athletes as well as formally supporting USA Judo.”

In April, the Thursby family made a generous donation to USA Judo, fulfilling a challenge grant by the U.S. Olympic Committee. “The Thursbys have been huge supporters of the sport for many years,” said Sherrie Wilson, USA Judo’s Director of Marketing. “They’ve donated financially to USA Judo as well as their time, working at tournaments and other USA Judo events. They have made so much possible for all our judo kids and our elite athletes. I cannot thank them enough.”