Connellys Join Circle of 100s Platinum Level of Support

July 01, 2013, 10:35 p.m. (ET)

Connellys Join Circle of 100’s Platinum Level of Support

Andrew Connelly said it’s like supporting a church, “and if the members don’t financially support the church, then it closes and they don’t have any place to pray. Well, it’s the same thing in judo.” You support the organization, Connelly said.

Andrew and Edie Connelly recently joined the Platinum level in the Circle of 100, an elite group of essential donors to USA Judo, supporting everything from community development programs to training elite athletes for the World Championships in August.

“It’s vital that the members of the organization financially support USA Judo,” he said.

Head sensei of School of Hard Knocks is Montgomery County, Texas, Andrew Connelly is an 8th dan who began judo at the age of 11 when his mom took him to a class at a local YMCA in Connecticut. He later taught hand-to-hand combat as an Army Ranger. Montgomery County Judge Edie Connelly began studying judo when they were married. They now have grandkids on the mats.

Platinum level of giving for the Circle of 100 begins at $2,000. In addition to all the other benefits of being in the Circle of 100, the Platinum members will receive a complimentary invitation to the Night of Champions event and a Team USA coat.

For more information, or to join the Circle of 100 or the Platinum Program, contact Sherrie Wilson, Director of Marketing, at