USA Judo Supports IJF Rule Changes As Best for The Sport

Jan. 29, 2013, 8:07 p.m. (ET)

This past weekend, USA Judo had a delegation attend a seminar on rules changes presented by the International Judo Federation in Mexico City. The seminar was conducted by IJF Referee Director Juan Carlos Barcos and IJF Sports Director Vladimir Barta.

In a few days, USA Judo will publish a document prepared by our Director of High Performance, Eddie Liddie, and our Referee Committee Chair, Robert Fukuda, providing our membership with technical information on the application of these new rules in our country. Ahead of this document, we wanted to provide you with our view on the rules changes being implemented by the IJF.

We believe these rules changes ultimately will make the sport more interesting to watch and more dynamic in nature, and we encourage our membership to embrace them. We base that belief on:

  • The reputation of top coaches, referees and officials with lifetimes of respected experience in the sport, who have spent countless hours defining and drafting these rules.

  • The reality that judo must continue to thrive and compete for a worldwide audience, not only during the Olympic Games every four years but each year for the World Championships.

  • The fact that the Olympic sport of judo must continue to differentiate itself from other Olympic sports.

We support and encourage our membership to teach and apply these new rule changes in their dojos and tournaments. Many countries around the world have already begun implementing these rules in their competitions. Starting next week at the Paris Grand Slam, one of the most competitive and prestigious events in the world, the new rules will be applied.

Like any change in life, it will take some practice and commitment to adjust.

As stated before, USA Judo will publish the technical notes taken during the Mexico presentation by the IJF on the interpretation of these rules.
It will also provide you guidance on how the rules will be applied. We encourage you to read carefully the information that will be published. There are no other interpretations that will be valid and applied in the United States other than those that will be published by USA Judo’s Referee Committee and High Performance Director's office from the Mexico rule meeting.

USA Judo congratulates the IJF leadership on their commitment to find ways to improve judo at the worldwide level.

Lance Nading
USA Judo President

Jose Humberto Rodriguez