2013 Junior and Cadet World Championships Selection at Scholastic and Youth Nationals

Jan. 09, 2013, 2:40 p.m. (ET)

The year 2013 will be an exciting one for junior judo throughout the world. After a one year hiatus in 2012, when there was no world-level event for juniors because of the Olympic Games, the juniors are back with a bang.


The age divisions have been shifted to be more inclusive and the NEW configuration for IJF juniors (those athletes eligible for Junior World Championships), will include birth years 1993-1998, an addition of one year!

The Juvenile B division, now officially called “cadets,” also has been expanded to include three years of eligibility for the Cadet World Judo Championships -- athletes born in 1996-1998 will now be eligible.


The 2013 Junior World Championships will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 24 – 27, and USA Judo will be hosting the 2013 Cadet World Championships, August 8-11, in Miami, FL.

After the great success of our athletes at the 2012 Olympics, now our Juniors and Cadets will have the  chance  to step up and make their marks as well.


How can you do this? USA Judo is happy to announce that the 2013 Scholastic & Youth Nationals that will be held March 22-24 in Miami, FL, will be the Trial event that will identify both  the  Junior and Cadet World Teams.

What does this mean? You will be competing to become a member of the USA Judo National Team that will compete at the Junior World Championships or the Cadet World Championships – and, yes, if you meet the age requirements it IS possible to qualify for BOTH.

As a Team member you will have obligations to continue to train, compete and prepare yourself to try to become a World Champion. It will be REQUIRED that Team members also compete in the 2013 Junior Olympic Nationals that will be held June 28-30 in Irving, TX.  Athletes may request a waiver of the requirement to compete in the Junior Olympics.  Any waiver request will need to include submission and subsequent approval of a training plan that involves overseas training (Europe, Asia, South  America) during the same time period.


As a member of the USA Judo National Team for either the Junior or Cadet World Championships, you will also be offered the age/weight appropriate team spot for the Junior Pan American Championships that will be held July 11-14, 2013, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Why is this important? Because the IJF and the Continental Unions have agreed to use the results at the various Continental Union Championship events (Europe, Asia, Pan American, Africa and Oceania) as the events that will determine seeding at the corresponding World Championships.

Winners of each respective age and weight division in the IJF Junior and Cadet (Juvenile B) categories at the Scholastic & Youth Nationals will become the USA Judo National Team members for the corresponding World Championship event. The silver medalists will become the alternates. In the event that there is need to replace beyond the alternates, the highest ranked person on the age-appropriate USA Judo roster at the time the replacement becomes necessary will be next in line.

There is more – the International Judo Federation has provided that each country gets only one entry per age and weight division BUT for each event, they are permitted TWO male and TWO female wild-card spots. This means that two additional athletes can be added – but in no case can any country have more than two athletes in a division. The full selection procedure for the wild-card spots has not yet been determined and we will publish it as soon as it is finalized.