Letter of condolence on the passing of Sensei Ms. Keiko Fukuda from The Kodokan and All Japan Judo Federation

Feb. 14, 2013, 5:52 p.m. (ET)

Letter of condolence received by USA Judo from President Haruki Uemura and Honorary President Yukimitsu Kano of the Kodokan and all Japan Judo Federation on the passing of Sensei Ms. Keiko Fukuda.

Letter of Condolence on Sensi Ms. Keiko Fukuda

“American judo will always feel fortunate to have had Sensei Fukuda's influence and teachings bestowed upon us over the last 47 years. She lived her life everyday to spread the teachings of Sensei Kano that we all hold so dear. She had real purpose that few of us will ever have. Sensei Fukuda, American Judo does now and will forever miss you." 

Lance Nading, President of USA Judo.