International TEAM Tournament for Juniors in France

Feb. 07, 2013, 3:31 p.m. (ET)


International TEAM Tournament for Juniors in France


The 3rd International Tournament for Teams will be held April 19-22, 2013 in Grisolles, France (15 miles from Toulouse).


There are Team spots available for Male and Female competitors in the following categories – please note – some categories do not match exactly with the USA categories


 Cadets – 1997-1998
 Male 50, 55, 60, +66kg
 Female 48, 57, 63, +63kg

Minimes – 1999-2000

Male 38, 46, 55, 60, +60kg
Female 36, 40, 42, 44kg

 Benjamins – 2001-02

Male – 34, +42kg

Poussins – 2003-04

Male 30, 34, 38kg
Female 32, 36, 40kg

No registration fee, free entrance. Free lodging in host families can be arranged.

Breakfasts are offered, free transfer from Toulouse-Blagnac will be organised, Judo gi patches will be sent to all participants without charge, minimum 3 fights ensured for all. This tournament is restricted to 16 delegations, each representing their country.

It’s an international event due to the participation of several foreign delegations. We stress on the point that all judokas are able to exert their judo practice in a friendly environment.


Besides the French delegation, clubs from 16 different countries are invited : Germany, England, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, United States, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Marocco, Luxemburg,Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Sri-Lanka, Turkey.


Delegations that have confirmed their participation : England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, United States, Russia and Sri-Lanka. The main scope of this event is to offer judokas from various countries the opportunity to meet and fight in a friendly environment.


If you are interested in your child participating in this event, please contact Serge Bouyssou as soon as possible - or 401-440-0010.