USA Judo National Event change in weight category criteria

Aug. 21, 2013, 12:45 p.m. (ET)


Effective immediately, all USA Judo national events will require all athletes, all categories,  to declare  their weight prior to weigh in.  Athletes will be required to make weight in their declared category.  Failure to make the declared weight category, will eliminate the athlete from competition, except for open category if all other eligibility requirements are met.  The athlete will not be allowed to move into the next category if they do not make their declared weight category.

Athletes will be placed in the draw using their declared weight.  If an athlete fails to make their declared weight category during official weigh in, they will be scratched from the draw/competition. 

An athlete wishing to enter the open category, must be placed in the open category prior to the draw taking place.  Failure to add the athlete to the category prior to the draw will result in the athlete not competing in the open category.

This format change will be effective for the following events effective immediately:

  •          USA Judo National Scholastic Championships
  •          USA Judo National Senior Championships
  •          USA Judo National/International Junior Olympic Championships
  •          USA Judo National Presidents Cup Championship

Please contact Corinne Shigemoto with any questions:  719-866-4730 or