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Pan American Junior Championships

By Ernest Pund | Sept. 07, 2012, 9:04 a.m. (ET)

A young U.S. team of rising stars including, perhaps, some Olympic medal winners of tomorrow are competing at a Pan American tournament in Cali, Colombia, this week, getting a taste of what it's like to travel for great bouts.

The best judo fighters in the United States, including gold medal winner Kayla Harrison and bronze medalist Marti Malloy, gathered crucial experience on junior travel competitions. A key strategy of USA Judo is to foster the next generation of judo stars by supporting and organizing team travel to these and other international tournaments.

The delegation to Colombia is led by Coach Jhonny Prado of Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center Coral Springs, FL. Prado was an assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic Team in London. Also attending are referees Edson Mallo, Scott Galles and Robert Donaldson, Team Manager Rich Moss and USA Judo CEO  Jose H. Rodriguez.

Team roster, including weights and age ranges:

IJF males 1993-95

• 55 Brandon Brown
• 60 Nathan Kearney
• 66 Spencer Augustine
• 73 Steve Perez
• 81 Michael Chelidze
• 90 David Gilkarov
• 100 Robert Tkach
• 100+ Akbar Iminov

IJF females 1993-95

• 52 Jessica Rodriguez
• 63 Alisha Galles
• 78 Yesenia Crespo

JUV B males 1996-97

• 50 Robert Pair
• 55 Matthew Kearney
• 60 Zachary Chow
• 66 Caleb Wesley
• 73 Timothy Andrews
• 81 Gunnar Baker
• 90 Jonathon Brook
• 90+ Devin Sobay

JUV B females 1996-97

• 40 Frankie Hyatt
• 48 Ashlyn White
• 57 Isabeau Ross
• 63 Angelina Fishback
• 70+ Mackenzie Williams