Junior World Championships Day 1 Results

March 29, 2012, 11:38 a.m. (ET)
(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – George Truong (Colorado Springs, Colo. / Ju Shin Kan) earned the sole win for Team USA on the opening day of the Junior World Championships on Thursday in Agadir, Morocco. 

A 2009 Cadet World Team member, Truong started his match against Romero Andres (ESP) well, throwing him for a waza-ari (half-point) score with a ko uchi gari (leg throw).  Truong earned a yuko (quarter-point) score after Andres was given two stalling penalties, but when Truong became hesitant, he received a stalling penalty as well.  As Truong bent over, Andres caught the 16-year-old with a sumi gaezhi (sacrifice throw) for a waza-ari score.  With the clock running down, Coach Derrick Kerr (Honolulu, Hawaii) called for Truong to return to being offensive and Truong went in with an o uchi gari (inner leg throw) for a second yuko score and pinned Andres as the four-minute match ended. 

In the second round, Truong fought 2008 European Junior medalist Giorgi Brolashvili (GEO).  After a few unorthodox gripping sequences, Truong was thrown twice with tomoe nages (circle throws) for waza-ari scores.  Brolashvili went on to place fifth, but Truong fell two wins short of advancing to the evening finals. 

Returning to her second Junior World Championships, 16-year-old Katelyn Bouyssou (Hope, R.I. / NYAC / Mayo Quanchi Judo Club) placed fifth in 2009, beginning a series of top finishes that included a second Senior National title in April, a silver medal finish at her first senior World Cup event and earning the title of Youth Olympic Champion in Singapore in August. 

Entering the event with a thumb she broke while fighting an Olympic medalist at the Senior Worlds in September, Bouyssou battled several injuries, but came on to the mat as determined as ever to reach the podium.  After a first-round bye, Bouyssou fought eventual bronze medalist Nathalia Brigida (BRA). control the match and nearly scored, but struggled with the finishes of her throws.  Bouyssou continued to attack and forced Brigida into two stalling penalties in the third minute to take the lead.  In the final minute, Bouyssou and Brigida battled in the far corner of the mat before Brigida caught Bouyssou with an o goshi (hip throw) for ippon. 

For the first time, the Junior Worlds included two players per weight division and Nadine Encarnacion (Bothell, Wash. / Ippon Judo) also represented Team USA in the 48kg division.  Scheduled to compete against a Chinese player in the first round, Encarnacion discovered after her arrival at the venue that the player had withdrawn from the event and she had been moved from match four to match 34, giving her an unexpected three-hour break after her early warm-up.  The lineup change meant that Encarnacion, who had a first-round bye to start with, needed just one win to advance to the quarter-finals in the 33-player division. 

When Encarnacion finally took the mat, the 4’9” Senior National medalist was towered over by Momo Tamaoki (JPN) who had at least eight inches on Encarnacion.  While Tamaoki came in with a high grip, Encarnacion tried to use her drop seoi nage (dropping shoulder throw) to score on Tamaoki.  After referees gave her two false attack penalties, Encarnacion was thrown with an o soto gari (outer leg throw) for a yuko late in the match and was unable to come back from the deficit.  Tamaoki went on to win the silver medal in an All-Japan final – one of six medals won by the Japanese team on Thursday. 

Eighteen-year-old Robby Schultheis (Gurnee, Ill. / Gurnee Judo) is the reigning Senior National Champion in the 55kg division, but Friday was his first experience on the world stage.  During the opening exchange, Schultheis threw Sagarazu Iokin (ESP) with a tomoe nage, but Iokin spun out to avoid a score.  Iokin threw Schultheis with a tomoe nage for a waza-ari score.  Schultheis chased the Spaniard, throwing him with a te garuma (hand wheel throw), but the throw was called out of bounds and Schultheis lost the match a waza-ari. 

David Honda (Torrance, Calif. / South Bay Judo) also had a first-round bye in the 55kg division.  In the second round, Honda fought Valentyn Kopylov (UZB).  Honda made several attacks with drop seoi nage throws.  During one attack, Kopylov had his hand on the collar of Honda’s gi during the final one and used it to take the American to the ground where Kopylov choked him for the win.  

In the 60kg division, Ricondo Cole (Providence, R.I. / Mayo Quanchi Judo Club) traded grips with Muhammed-Yusuf Haydarov (UZB) during the first minute, but was thrown with a waza-ari (half-point) and then thrown again for ippon. 

Taylor Ibera (Colorado Springs, Colo. / USA Judo National Training Site at the Olympic Training Center) has earned medals twice at the Senior Pan American Championships, but this was her first Junior World Championships in the 44kg division. Ibera and 2009 European Champion Anne Sophie Jura (BEL) traded attacks and were each given stalling penalties.  With a minute remaining, Ibera threw Jura with a drop seoi, but no score was called.  Ibera was given a second penalty in the last 30 seconds which gave Jura the yuko score she needed for the win. 

Also competing in the 44kg division, sixteen-year-old Vanessa Calimquim (Torrance, Calif. / Gardena Judo) fought Anastasia Nikolaeva (RUS) in her opening match.  The Russian came out attacking and threw Calimquim with a sumi gaeshi for a yuko score. Although Nikolaeva caught Calimquim with an armbar during the next exchange, Calimquim escaped and avoided submission. With less than two minutes left, Calimquim countered the Russian with a tai o toshi (body drop) throw for a yuko score. Nikolaeva recovered quickly, though, and rolled onto Calimquim, pinning her for the win.

Competition continues on Friday when the following divisions will be contested:

Women’s 52kg
Amelia Fulgentes (Simi Valley, Calif. / Mojica Judo)

Women’s 57kg
Kayla Chappell (Oklahoma City, Okla. / USA Stars)
Lauren Baez (Coral Gables, Fla. / USA Judo National Training Site at South Florida)

Men’s 66kg
Kyle Taketa (Torrance, Calif. / Gardena Judo Club)
Anthony Kwon (Kaneohe, Hawaii / Hodokan Judo Club)

Men’s 73kg
Andrew Porras (Hialeah, Fla. / USA Judo National Training Site at South Florida)
Steve Perez (Miami, Fla. / USA Judo National Training Site at South Florida)

Top seven and U.S. results are as follows:

Men’s 55kg
1. Yeldos Smetov (KAZ)
2. Seiken Fujisawa (JPN)
3. Fabio Basile (ITA)
3. Zaur Kalashaov (RUS)
5. Aram Grigoryan (RUS)
5. Valentyn Kopylov (UKR)
7. Brandon Dodge (GBR)
7. Maxime Dufond (FRA)

Also Competed: David Honda (Torrance, Calif. / South Bay Judo), 0-1
Robby Schultheis (Gurnee, Ill. / Gurnee Judo), 0-1

Men’s 60kg
1. Toru Shishime (JPN)
2. Ilyas Izmagilov (KAZ)
3. Kyosuke Nishio (JPN)
3. Yakub Shamilov (RUS)
5. Giorgi Brolashvili (GEO)
5. Gor Harutyunyan (ARM)
7. Muhammad-Yusuf Haydarov (UZB)
7. Ghassem Nourizadeh (IRI)

Also Competed: George Truong (Colorado Springs, Colo. / Ju Shin Kan), 1-1
Ricondo Cole (Providence, R.I. / Mayo Quanchi Judo Club), 0-1

Women’s 44kg
1. Sakiho Hamada (JPN)
2. Agueda Silva (BRA)
3. Angelina Bombara (ITA)
3. Ebru Sahin (TUR)
5. Casas Moreno Cristina (ESP)
5. Anne Sophie Jura (BEL)
7. Anastasia Nikolaeva (RUS)
7. Julijiana Savic (SRB)

Also Competed: Taylor Ibera (Colorado Springs, Colo. / USA Judo National Training Site at the Olympic Training Center), 0-1 Vanessa Calimquim (Torrance, Calif. / Gardena Judo), 0-1

Women’s 48kg
1. Miri Toda (JPN)
2. Momo Tamacki (JPN)
3. Nathalia Brigida (BRA)
3. Scarlett Gabrielli (FRA)
5. So-Yuen Moon (KOR)
5. Louise Raynaud (FRA)
7. Anna Bartole (ITA)
7. Katharina Taferner (AUT)

Also Competed: Katelyn Bouyssou (Hope, R.I. / NYAC / Mayo Quanchi Judo Club), 0-1
Nadine Encarnacion (Bothell, Wash. / Budokan Judo), 0-1

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