Paralympians Storm Pajulahti Finland

March 28, 2012, 1:38 p.m. (ET)

It was a very good day at the Pujalahti Games in Finland for team USA.The day started off rough with Dartanyan losing to Matthias Krieger(GER) by Wazari when his attack was countered and Dartanyan was unable to recover. He then faced Sharif Khalilov(UZB) and pinned him with Tateshiho Gatame for Ippon. This earned him first place in his pool after Khalilov threw Krieger for Ippon. In the semi-final he faced Sebastian Junk(GER) and threw him for two Wazaris with Sumi Gaesh. His finals opponent was Oleg Zykov(RUS). He threw Zykov with Tai Otoshi for ippon. What started slowly ended with a bang and a gold medal for Dartanyan.

Ron Hawthorn had a tough match right off the bat today. He drew Artem Merkulov(RUS) who recently won a silver medal at the 2012 European Championships. They battled back and forth with neither player able to throw the opponent until the 3 minute mark when Ron got under Artem with Kata Garuma for wazari. This was the only score of the match and Ron won a hard fought battle. His next opponent was Eetu Tiensuu(FIN). Ron controlled the match from the start and on the second exchange he threw Tiensuu for ippon with Seoi Nage to earn his gold medal.

A very dominating performance was turned in today by Myles Porter. In his first match he threw Konstantin Kapitonov(RUS) 41 seconds into the match with Tomoe Nage for Wazari and went straight into Juji Gatame armbar for Ippon. He then pinned Aleksandr Parasyuk with Tateshiho Gatame and earned his gold medal in the -100Kg. division. Myles then competed in the open division and threw his first opponent from Finland in 5 seconds with SeoiNage for Ippon. He then threw Matthias Krieger(GER) with Tani Otoski for Ippon 41 seconds into the match. To finish off the Open Division he arm barred Sabastian Junk(GER) with Juji Gatame.

The three teammates will be attending a camp at the Pujalahti Sports Center before heading home. Tags: Myles Porter, Ron Hawthorne