Jordan Mouton Wins Bronze Medal On Day 2 Of The IBSA World Games

March 28, 2012, 4:58 p.m. (ET)

Jordan Mouton (Houston, TX/Diamondback Judo/US Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs) went 3-1 in the women’s 57kg division today to take home the bronze medal at the 2011 IBSA World Games. This is Jordan’s 4th world championship team but her first medal.

“It feels really good,” said Mouton, “to finally win a medal after so many years of hard work.  Now I am looking forward to the ParaPan American Games and qualifying for the Paralympics in 2012.”

Jordan started the day with a tough match against last year’s gold medalist, Afag Sultanov (AZE), who also went on to win the gold this year.  Sultanov threw Jordan with Morote Seoi Nage (two arm shoulder throw) early in the match for wazari, and then followed shortly after with another wazari with the same technique for the win.  Jordan dropped into the repechage where she quickly dispatched Aynur Cetinkus (TUR), countering the Turk’s attempt at Tani Otoshi (counter throw) with O Uchi Gari (inner reaping throw) for ippon.  She then defeated Madina Kazakova (RUS), with kesa gatame (mat pin) for ippon. Jordan had pinned the Russian several times before that point, but always out of bounds. This win put her in the bronze medal match against Alexandra Vlasova (RUS).  Vlasova came out with a strong grip and the two fighters grappled for position. Vlasova attacked unsuccessfully with Tai Otoshi  (body drop throw) and they went to the mat, where Jordan turned the Russian over and secured another strong Kesa Gatame for the win.

“I am extremely proud of Jordan. She has worked so hard. I felt that the move down to 57kg for this competition was the right move, and I had no doubt that she would bring home a medal for the US,” said head coach Scott Moore. “This medal has been the culmination of many years of dedication and hard work.”

Jordan’s win puts her in qualifying position for the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, England. There is one remaining qualifying event – the ParaPan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico in November.

Other members of the US squad had success on the second day of competition. Newcomer Dartanyon Crockett (Colorado Springs, CO/US Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs), fighting in his first international event ever, went 2-2 on the day to finish ninth.  Dartanyon took on Bin Feng (CHN) in this first round. Dartanyon scored a wazari on the first exchange with uchi mata sukashi (counter to a sweeping hip throw). The Chinese player answered with a wazari score from an o uchi gari (inner reaping throw).  In the third minute, the former high school wrestling champ was able to secure a yuko shiho gatame (side pin) for the win. In the second round, Dartanyon faced eventual gold medalist Olexandr Kosinov (UKR). Although he came out hard, Dartanyon was thrown with drop seoi nage (dropping shoulder throw for two wazaris.  As Kosinov advanced to the semi-finals, Dartanyon was pulled into the repechage.  His third match was against Abel Vazquez (ESP).  Vazquez threw Dartanyon for wazari with o uchi gari (inner reaping throw). Dartanyon then redoubled his efforts and turned Vazquez over and pinned him with kami shiho gatame (upper four corners hold down) for the win Dartanyon’s next match was against Rovshan Safarov (AZE), the 2010 world bronze medalist. Although Dartanyon fought hard, the more experienced Azerbaijani was able to secure the win with a pair of wazaris using sode tsurikomi goshi (sleeve-tip hip throw.) Dartanyon finished his first world championships in 9th place.

In the 73kg division, Adnan Gutic (Denver, CO/Denver Judo), captured his first world championship win when he defeated Shukhrat Turaev (AZE) after a first round bye. Adnan threw Turaev with drop seoi nage (drop shoulder throw) on the first exchange. Adnan and the Azerbaijani then spent the next two minutes exchanging grips and attacks. In the third minute, Adnan was able to secure a tate shiho gatame pin (lower four corners hold down) for the win. Adnan then went on to face Serdar Aydin (TUR).  Aydin threw Adnan for Ippon in the second minute. Aydin then lost to eventual gold medalist Eduardo Avila (MEX), eliminating Adnan from his second world championships.

Two other members of team USA participated on the second day of competition. Michael Davis (Sacramento, CA/Team Sacramento), had a bye in the first round of the 73kg division, but thrown for two wazaris with harai goshi (sweeping his throw) and ippon seoi nage (shoulder throw) by Mousad Pourabbas (IRI) in the 2nd round.  Pourabbas then lost to Aleaksandr Kazlou (BLR), eliminating Davis. Steven Patten’s (Englewood, CO/Denver Judo) first round competitor from Uzbekistan did not appear for competition, moving Steven into the 2nd round, where he faced Yuji Kato (JPN).  Kato threw Steve with o uchi gari (inner reaping throw) early in the match. Steve battled back hard, escaping a pin and nearly throwing the Japanese player several times. At the three minute mark, Kato caught Steve with another o uchi gari, this time for ippon. Kato then lost to eventual bronze medalist Jose Effron (ARG), eliminating Steve from his first world championships.

Tomorrow 6 additional members of team USA will compete: Ryan Jones (Englewood, CO/Denver Judo) and Greg DeWall (Sacramento, CA/Sacramento Judo) – 90kg; Myles Porter (Colorado Springs, CO/US Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs) – 100kg; Steven Mulhern (Philadelphia, PA/Liberty Bell Judo) - +100kg; Christella Garcia (Sacramento, CA/Sacramento Judo) – 70kg; and Katie Davis (Sacramento, CA/Team Sacramento) - +70kg. 

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