2012 Success Translates to the All American Membership Program

Dec. 31, 2012, 3:49 p.m. (ET)

2012 Success Translates to the
All American Membership Program 

....An end of year message from the CEO

This past 4 years have been a roller coaster ride for this organization; and as with all roller coaster rides it has had its ups …and downs, its moments of utter thrills and moments of cautionary fears. But, life thrives on thrills and fear...

We asked our membership four years ago to believe in the potential of our athletes and our coaches and to give them our support in order to capture that one elusive gold medal in 2012. Our athletes and coaches delivered, not only with Kayla Harrison’s Olympic Gold,  but also with Marti Malloy’s Bronze and Myles Porter’s Paralympic Silver and Dartanyon Crockett’s Bronze. They also delivered in Grand Slams, Grand Prixes, World Cups, Pan American Games and World Championships in the years leading to 2013.

This was, indeed, a benchmark year, and today we are proud to announce that the leaderships of USA Judo, United States Judo Federation (USJF) and United States Judo Association (USJA) are now delivering on their commitment of furthering the working relationship of these three organizations by announcing an unprecedented membership program, The All American Membership.

“The All-American Membership program, is a significant milestone as it symbolizes a commitment by the three major organizations to become goal congruent and true partners for the future growth of Judo in the United States.”, commented Gary Goltz, President of USJA in joining USA Judo President Lance Nading and USJF President and Olympic Silver Medalist, Kevin Asano in announcing this new program.

We have worked diligently over the last few months to get this program ready to go and have intentionally waited until this December 31st to unveil it to the Judo family in the United States. We want this to be a truly “New Year” and a truly “new Olympic Quadrennial.” "As we head into Rio 2016, we will be asking much again of our athletes and coaches. We all agreed that we needed to go further in our cooperation with USJF and USJA, and all three Boards of Directors are to be commended for continuing to think out of the box for the good of Judo in our nation,” commented Lance Nading, President of USA Judo.

So, what is the All American Membership program all about?

Well, we know that many of our USA Judo members are also members of USJA, and USJF, and this is true in reverse. We also know that at times due to financial constraints and other reasons, a person only joins one organization over the other, yet they would want to support all three. Now, with the All American Membership program, you can!

Here are the quick facts on how the program will work beginning January 1, 2013:
  • You decide which of the 3 organization will be the principal for your membership – that organization will be the one which will provide your insurance coverage.
  • You may register as an All American Member with any of the three organizations by following the selected principal organization’s procedure for membership registration; or you may register online at http://www.usjudo.org/, where you may select your principal organization and proceed with registration payment online.
  • Soon after registering, you will be issued an All American Membership card, featuring the name and logo of your principal insurance-issuing organization accompanied by logos and recognition of the other two organizations. That will be your official membership card that you will present for participation in all USA Judo, USJA and USJF events.
  • The All American Membership fee will be $100.00 and it will be distributed among the three organizations as follows: $40.00 to the principal organization issuing the insurance and $30.00 to each of the other two organizations.
The success of this new membership program lies in the opportunity it presents to have the true strength of the sport reflected in the number of members it can show to the media and to potential sponsors. This program also demonstrates to all the members that our three organizations, with all their strengths and weaknesses, can and will work together to become a world power in the sport. By cooperating we can better serve our members, grow the sport and provide for our athletes, from youth to elite and masters.

Four years ago in an end-of-year message, I said that our U.S. athletes can win, and that our U.S. coaches can coach our athletes to the victory stand. They delivered in 2012, and now our leadership of American Judo has also delivered with this new All American Membership program. I would like to think that based on these successes that all judokas of this great nation will answer this call for action in the New Year and embrace this new program.

USA Judo referees at 2012 Presidents CupIn closing, on behalf of our President, Lance Nading, and our Board of Directorsas well as our national office staff, I want to thank all of you for the support you have given this organization and the athletes and coaches. Without your support we would not have reached the success of this past year. My personal words of gratitude and respect go to our referees and officials who put themselves on the line each weekend, not to mention the personal funds they spend in support of the sport and the athletes. To our volunteers who spend countless hours helping to make our events a success. Lastly, to the parents, friends and relatives of our athletes, I send words of admiration and thanks.

Kayla, Marti, Myles and Dartanyon, Thank You for an unforgettable 2012!

Now, onward to Rio de Janeiro 2016. Happy New Year and may 2013 be filled with many blessings for each of you.


Jose H. Rodriguez_USAJudoCEO
Jose Humberto Rodriguez

December 31, 2012