Judo Clubs, Be A Part Of History!

Be Recognized For Raising Olympic Prize Money!

The next generation of Olympians will come from clubs just like yours. And one of those Olympians will win a Gold Medal, just like Kayla Harrison. Who wasn’t moved nearly to tears watching her victory.

That’s why USA Judo created a category of giving designed specifically for our clubs to get big recognition for affordable giving that will make a big difference. We called it “Club Supporters,” for donations of $5 to $99.

If you collect donations of $20 or more from 20 or more club members, we will list your club and the names of all your members who donated on USA Judo’s website in perpetuity, on our Facebook page and on a plaque that will hang permanently on the wall of USA Judo headquarters.

This is a really big deal and we all should be a part of it. Now that Kayla Harrison has won our first gold medal in the Olympic Games ever, we can say to all those little boys and girls as they line up along the mat for the beginning of a class, “Look at her. You can do this, too!” In a way, Kayla gave us those words to share with our kids.

That’s why we’re on this mission at break-neck speed to raise $100,000 in prize money (our deadline is September 30) to reward Kayla for taking the Gold, Marti Malloy for winning Bronze, and Travis Stevens for executing a champion’s performance. Travis finished fifth but we all know that he was due more and, regardless, we saw him fight with the passion and determination of an Olympic warrior with nothing but that Gold Medal in his sights.

We want to thank them for their achievement. We want to tell them how proud we are. And we want to tell the next generation of Olympians, and all those little judoka in the generations to come, that that they can count on us for the same level of gratitude. We need to reinforce their motivation to win a medal with concrete support, substantial cash prizes for all their years of sacrifice and devotion to the sport.
This is a great way for your club to participate directly in the excitement and momentum of our historic victory in London.

It is easy to make a donation in the name of your club. … 

For more information and to make donations, go HERE.

With great appreciation,

Lance Nading
USA Judo