Travis Stevens Places Fifth at Birmingham World Cup

Sept. 20, 2009, 11:45 p.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Two-time Pan American Champion Travis Stevens (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE) had his best finish at a European A-Level event on Sunday when he placed fifth in the 81kg division at the Birmingham World Cup in Great Britain.  

The finish is the second top-five placing on the World Tour for Stevens who won a bronze medal in July at the Brazil Grand Slam.

Stevens led in his opening match by a yuko (quarter-point) when Bastien Puget (FRA) committed two penalties.  With just over a minute left in the match, Stevens added another yuko to his tally.  Stevens was given two penalties of his own in the final minute, but still produced the win.  

In the second round, Stevens and former European U23 Champion Nick Hein (GER) also fought for five minutes before Stevens won the match by a yuko score.  

Down by a yuko score off an early attack by Szabolcs Krizsan (HUN), Stevens came back quickly in the quarter-final match where he defeated Krizsan by ippon (instant win) late in the first minute of the match to advance to the medal rounds.  

In the semifinals, Stevens met 2007 World medalist Euan Burton (GBR) and, while he kept Burton from scoring, Stevens lost the match by a trio of penalties and Burton went on to win the gold.  

Fighting for bronze, Stevens attacked seven-time World Cup medalist Dennis Huck (GER), but was countered and thrown for a waza-ari (half-point).  Stevens forced Huck into two penalties to earn a yuko score, but couldn’t pick up the third penalty he would have needed to send the match to Golden Score (overtime) and placed fifth overall.

Wesley Beach (Mountain Home Judo Club) also competed for the United States in the +100kg division, but was thrown for ippon early in his opening round against three-time World Cup medalist Luuk Verbij (NED) in the first round.

Complete results are as follows:

Completed Draws

Men’s 60kg
1. Denis Lavrentiev (RUS)
2. Julien Ottaviani (FRA)
3. Sofiane Milous (FRA)
3. James Millar (GBR)
5. Felipe Kitadai (BRA)
5. Murad Abdulaev (RUS)
7. Fabio Andreoli (ITA)
7. Sjoerd Diemel (NED)

Men’s 66kg
1. David Larose (FRA)
2. Leandro Cunha (BRA)
3. Kamal Khan-Magomedov (RUS)
3. Sasha Mehmedovic (CAN)
5. Damian Waser (ITA)
5. Colin Oates (GBR)
7. Jasper De Jong (NED)
7. Alexandre Cardonnel (FRA)

Men’s 73kg
1. Guillaume Chaine (FRA)
2. Nick Tritton (CAN)
3. Mohamed Riad (FRA)
3. Alex Farbon (GBR)
5. Laurent Meseguer (FRA)
5. Martin Thiblin (NOR)
7. Giovanni Di Cristo (ITA)
7. Vladimir Oleinic (POR)

Men’s 81kg
1. Euan Burton (GBR)
2. Tom Reed (GBR)
3. Dennis Huck (GER)
3. Murat Khabachirov (RUS)
5. Travis Stevens (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE)
5. Flavio Canto (BRA)
7. Adam Bick (GBR)
7. Szabolcs Krizsan (HUN)

Men’s 90kg
1. Hugo Pessanha (BRA)
2. Samir Guchapshev (RUS)
3. Walter Facente (ITA)
3. Lucovic Gobert (FRA)
5. Eduardo Santos (BRA)
5. Frank Dedek (GER)
7. Bruno Ivan Tomasetti (ITA)
7. Roman Wolska (FRA)

Men’s 100kg
1. Zafar Makhamadov (RUS)
2. Dino Pfeiffer (GER)
3. Frederic Stiegelmann (FRA)
3. Danny Meeuwsen (NED)
5. Peter Cousins (GBR)
5. Dmitriy Renev (RUS)
7. Balint Farkas (HUN)
7. Theodore Spalding-McIntosh (GBR)

Men’s +100kg
1. Dmitry Sterkhov (RUS)
2. Thomas Sinsou (FRA)
3. Luuk Verbij (NED)
3. Sergey Prokin (RUS)
5. Joao Schlittler (BRA)
5. Chris Sherrington (GBR)
7. Matthew Clempner (GBR)
7. Joe Delahay (GBR)

Also Competed: Wesley Beach (Mountain Home, Idaho / Mountain Home Judo Club), 0-1

Women’s 48kg
1. Kimberley Renicks (GBR)
2. Lisa Kearney (IRL)
3. Taciana Lima (BRA)
3. Daniela Polzin (BRA)
5. Elena Moretti (ITA)
5. Catiere Moya (BRA)
7. Amelie Rosseneu (BEL)
7. Wasilisa Prill (GER)

Women’s 52kg
1. Ilse Heylen (BEL)
2. Raquel Silva (BRA)
3. Sophie Johnstone (GBR)
3. Emilie Lafont (FRA)
5. Miriam Polak (NED)
5. Marta Pinotti (ITA)
7. Susi Zimmerman (GER)
7. Camila Magnolfi (ITA)

Women’s 57kg
1. Viola Waechter (GER)
2. Michelle Diemeer (NED)
3. Rafaela Silva (BRA)
3. Miryam Roper (GER)
5. Joliane Melancon (CAN)
5. Alessia Regis (ITA)
7. Caroline Lantoine (FRA)
7. Lola Benarroche (FRA)

Women’s 63kg
1. Sarah Clark (GBR)
2. Hilde Drexler (AUT)
3. Esther Stam (NED)
3. Anne Laure Poli (FRA)
5. Katrien Verheeke (BEL)
5. Cindy Madelrieux (FRA)
7. Stephanie Steinmetz (GER)
7. Khadija Labhih (FRA)

Women’s 70kg
1. Mylene Chollet (FRA)
2. Marylise Levesque (CAN)
3. Iljana Marzok (GER)
3. Kelita Zupancic (CAN)
5. Barbara Bandel (GER)
5. Giulia Cantoni (ITA)
7. Megan Fletcher (GBR)
7. Catherine Jacques (BEL)

Women’s 78kg
1. Assunta Galeone (ITA)
2. Catherine Roberge (CAN)
3. Sian Wilson (GBR)
3. Amy Cotton (CAN)
5. Malike Heinz (GER)
7. Iris Lemmen (NED)

Women’s +78kg
1. Sarah Adlington (GBR)
2. Lucia Tangorre (ITA)
3. Emilie Waldet (FRA)
3. Rebecca Ramanich (FRA)
5. Angelique Heiny (GER)
5. Beatrice Rietz (GER)