Myles Porter and Ryan Reser Conduct Judo Demonstration in Chicago on the Road to 2016

May 08, 2009, 12:35 p.m. (ET)

Paralympian Myles Porter and Olympian Ryan Reser, both of the USA Judo National Training Site at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, led a series of judo demonstrations on Thursday in Chicago as part of Olympic Week.

Porter and Reser invited both children and adults to try their hand at the sport during an outdoor event in Daley Plaza, located in the heart of downtown Chicago.

"It was good to get a lot of people out on the mat.  It was lunch hour for a lot of people, so we got a good crowd and even had some folks on break from jury duty come over to check it out," Reser said.  "Most of them had never heard of judo before, so it was good to be getting our sport out there."

In addition to the Daley Plaza demonstration, Porter and Reser also toured two local elementary schools on Wednesday where both sighted and visually impaired children were inspired by the duo and enjoyed their own chance to throw two of the sport's ambassadors.

At James Otis Elementary School, Porter and Reser held a demonstration for classes that included 30 visually impaired children, followed by a demonstration at Walsh Elementary School for a school assembly with approximately 25 children in attendance.

"The school visits were probably the best thing we did all week.  We got to establish a relationship with them and then they came out to the event in Daley Plaza too," Porter said.  "Both schools were very enthusiastic and they wanted to start judo programs for both their sighted and visually impaired kids, so we definitely had a good impact all around."