Junior U.S. Athletes Place Fifth at Jikji Cup in Korea

July 04, 2009, 10:16 a.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - Five U.S. players placed fifth at the Jikji Cup, an international tournament for junior players in Cheongju, Korea on Thursday and Friday. 

Cadet World Team member Max Schneider (Chicago, Ill. / Tohkon) began the competition well for Team USA on Thursday when he won his first match against Rasheed Al Naief (SYR), throwing Al Naief for ippon with an o uchi gari (inner leg throw).  

Schneider won his next match against Jung-Han Song (KOR) in the quarter-finals to advance to the medal rounds. 

In the semifinals, Schneider led by yuko (quarter-point) and waza-ari (half-point) scores, but when he attacked again with an uchimata (inner thigh throw), Ares Herrero (ESP) countered with a throw for ippon (instant win).

Schneider dropped down to fight for bronze, but neither he nor Su-Duk Jung (KOR) could score and the match went to Golden Score.  Schneider threw Jung for a waza-ari score, but the call was overturned by the side judges.  With the match still scoreless at the end of the overtime, the referees awarded the match to Jung.

Also competing in the 66kg division, 2007 Senior Pan Am Team member Kyle Taketa (Torrance, Calif. / Gardena Judo) won his first match against Jessie Perez (GUA) by ippon, but lost his next to eventual champion Junpe Morishita (JPN)

In the repechage, Taketa lost his next match to Jung, the player who would go on to defeat Schneider for bronze.  Taketa placed seventh overall.

Fourteen-year-old Mindy Chow (Honolulu, Hawaii / Hawaii Tenri) also placed fifth on Thursday in her 57kg division.

After a first-round bye, Chow defeated Maxine Mendoza (PHI) by ippon.  In the semifinals, Jan-Di Kim (KOR) threw Chow for ippon in the final 10 seconds with an uchimata. 

Chow's bronze medal match came down to a referee's decision which she lost to Won-Moon Kim (KOR)

Also competing on Thursday, Alix Desmole (San Francisco, Calif.) fought in th 63kg division, but placed fifth after losing both of her matches to Laura Vargas-Koch (GER) and Haruna Oka (JPN) by ippons.

On Friday, Michael Harrison (Burke, Va. / Sport Judo) came back from a loss in his opening match to Jae-Yong Lee (KOR) to place fifth in the 90kg division.

In the repechage, Harrison defeated Che-Kuei Hung (TPE) by ippon to advance to the bronze medal match.  Harrison fought well, but lost by ippon to Geun-Bae Ji (KOR).

After a first-round bye in the 81kg division, Colton Brown (Piscatoway, N.J. / Cranford Judo) led his match against Bakai Abdimanap (KGZ) by three yukos before scoring an ippon to advance to the semifinals.  Eventual Champion LEE HEE-JUNG (KOR) led the match by a waza-ari and then pinned Brown to end the match.

In the bronze medal match, Brown was behind by three yukos to one, but Takahiro Nakai (JPN) defeated Brown by ippon in the final seconds of the match leaving Brown with a fifth-place finish.

The team was coached by Derrick Kerr (Honolulu, Hawaii).

Complete results are as follows:

Completed Draws

Men's 60kg
1. Hyun-Jun Yeom (KOR)
2. Takeshi Matsuki (JPN)
3. Hyun-Jin Jung (KOR)
3. Chia-Hung Chien (TPE)
5. Young-Jun Koh (KOR)
5. Mohamed Boulad (SYR)
7. Narankhuu Baatarkhuu (MGL)
7. Kaldarbek Akimbai (KYR)

Men's 66kg
1. Junpe Morishita (JPN)
2. Ares Herrero (ESP)
3. Su-Duk Jun (KOR)
3. Ru Azhanvbekj (KGZ)
5. Max Schneider (Chicago, Ill. / Tohkon)
5. Yo-Han Ahn (KOR)
7. Jung-Han Song (KOR)
7. Kyle Taketa (Torrance, Calif. / Gardena Judo)

Men's 73kg
1. Seung-Su Lee (KOR)
2. Davaadorj Bat-Erdene (MGL)
3. Chun-Woo Jeon (KOR)
3. Ki-Wook Kim (KOR)
5. Lu-Tzu Chen (TPE)
5. Chor Fung Wong (HKG)

Men's 81kg
1. Hee-Jung Lee (KOR)
2. Dae-Hyung Kim (KOR)
3. Ho-Jin Lee (KOR)
3. Takahiro Nakai (JPN)
5. Andrew Butterfield (NZL)
5. Colton Brown (Piscatoway, N.J. / Cranford Judo)
7. Bakai Abdimanap (KGZ)
7. Tumurt Tuvshintulga (MGL)

Men's 90kg
1. Jae-Yong Lee (KOR)
2. Dae-Bong Kang (KOR)
3. Jaime Bertomeu (ESP)
3. Geun-Bae Ji (KOR)
5. Erdenetsogt Dalai (MGL)
5. Michael Harrison (Burke, Va. / Sport Judo)
7. Gabriel Gumila (PHI)
7. Che-Kuei Hung (TPE)

Men's 100kg
1. Young-Hoon Kim (KOR)
2. Alejandro San Martin (ESP)
3. Gyeong-Su Han (KOR)
3. Yi-Chih Hong (TPE)
5. Dong-Won Suh (KOR)
5. Fuad Al Hindi (SYR)

Men's +100kg
1. Eun-Sam Cho (KOR)
2. Gu-Ham Cho (KOR)
3. Enkhjargal Enkhtur (MGL)
3. Iurii Krakovetskii (KGZ)
5. Abdul Al Hassani (SYR)
5. Matthew Simon Jao (PHI)
7. Chuan-Yung Yu (CHN)

Women's 48kg
1. Hiromi Endo (JPN)
2. Tserenkh Khandsuren (MGL)
3. Mi-Ri Kim (KOR)
3. Kay Kraus (GER)
5. Yea-Rim Kwon (KOR)
5. Katharina Menz (GER)
7. Kate Ethel Briones (PHI)
7. Yi-Chen Chen (TPE)

Women's 52kg
1. Hyuo-Jung Yeo (KOR)
2. Svea Schwabe (GER)
3. Tumurbaa Amarjargal (MGL)
3. Jaqueline Lisson (GER)
5. Yu-Mi Cha (KOR)
5. Eun-Hye Lee (KOR)
7. Tsz Yu Cheung (HKG)
7. Yu-Rou Su (TPE)

Women's 57kg
1. Jan-Di Kim (KOR)
2. Johanna Mueller (GER)
3. Won-Moon Kim (KOR)
3. Yu-Ri Lim (KOR)
5. Mindy Chow (Honolulu, Hawaii / Hawaii Tenri)
5. Sina Felske (GER)
7. Shiu-Lin Shu (TPE)
7. Maxine Mendoza (PHI)

Women's 63kg
1. Sae-Rom Song (KOR)
2. Hye-Sun Lee (KOR)
3. Sung-Yeon Kim (KOR)
3. Haruna Ota (JPN)
5. Laura Vargas-Koch (GER)
5. Alix Desmole (San Francisco, Calif.)
7. Pei-Wen Huang (TPE)

Women's 70kg
1. Eun-Ji Park (KOR)
2. Si-Nae Kim (KOR)
3. Ulrike Schebarth (GER)
3. I-Pin Han (TPE)
5. Anne-Katrin Lisewski (GER)
5. Boldba Tumentsetseg (MGL)

Women's 78kg
1. Akari Ogata (JPN)
2. Luise Malzahn (GER)
3. Hee-Hwa Choi (KOR)
3. Tsend-A Naranjargal (MGL)
5. Hsin-Mei Hsu (TPE)
5. Jasmin Delorme (GER)
7. Ha-Na Shim (KOR)
7. Ji-Yeon Yu (KOR)

Women's +78kg
1. Ah-Ra Cho (KOR)
2. Sol-Ji Kang (KOR)
3. Da-Eun Park (KOR)
3. Jasmin Kulbs (GER)
5. Tzu-Chin Huang (TPE)