USA Judo Presents New 2009 Membership Programs & Fees

Jan. 07, 2009, 6:36 p.m. (ET)
During the last three years, USA Judo revamped its membership programs, putting into place a user friendly, state of the art membership registration system. Using the latest in technology and identity protection software, USA Judo members are able to efficiently sign up and print the membership card on the spot. Normally, within two to three weeks of having signed up for a membership online, a member receives his or her professionally printed membership card together with a couple of card decals and a smaller key chain tag for easy carrying of the USA Judo membership ID card.

Also, during these last three years, USA Judo has been able to keep up with the ever-challenging changes in accident and liability insurance covering both our member athletes as well as club owners. Presently, USA Judo is one of the few National Governing Bodies that continue to carry a $5 million insurance liability coverage. Given the fact that the United States Olympic Committee only requires NGBs to offer a $1 million policy, USA Judo prides itself in carrying this upgraded liability coverage.

Given the present economic factors and the higher cost of doing business, at its recent meeting in Colorado Springs, the USA Judo Board of Directors at approved changes presented by the National Office Staff for individual membership programs and fees as well as club registration fees.

Effective immediately, USA Judo will offer the following membership program and corresponding annual fees:

Annual Individual membership - This membership will continue to be renewable on the anniversary date of membership. If a member renews his or her membership online at, the cost will be $55.00. Members sending in their membership application via mail or fax will be charged a $5.00 processing fee, thus making their total cost of membership $60.00. Members are encouraged to use the online membership registration system to save $5.00! All benefits and services offered to USA Judo members will continue to be offered as in past years.

First Time/New Individual Membership - Responding to the popularity of a new membership program held in 2008, USA Judo is proud to continue a similar program at $30.00 if a first-time member registers online or $35 (including the $5.00 processing fee) if the membership form is sent in to the National Office via mail or fax. This program is extended to first-time members only and is meant to encourage club coaches to sign up their new students while keeping to a minimum the initial cost of a judo student. The benefits offered to these members are the same as the individual members program explained above.

Life Membership - Those members of USA Judo who are Lifetime Members will be able to keep their membership benefits by paying an annual fee of $30.00 if they register online or $35 if the membership is submitted via mail or fax to the National Office. A reminder that all coaches or referees who are Lifetime members will need to pay this annual upkeep fee if they are planning to be active in coaching or refereeing during the 2009 calendar year.

Family Membership Program - USA Judo offers a family membership program whose applications all must be sent directly to the National Office.  The fee for this program is $125.00 for the first four family members and any additional family members are 30.00 each.

Military Membership Program - The military membership program offers our active duty/Immediate Family, National Guard, and reserves service men and women the opportunity to register with USA Judo for a reduced fee of 25.00 annually.  These membership applications need to be forwarded to the USA Judo National Office for verification.

Club Membership Program - While approving the new membership fees changes, the Board approved a new club membership annual fee of $50.00. Clubs will continue to benefit from the unparallel liability coverage of $5 Million dollars.

If you have any questions in regards to membership.  Please contact Monica Wright-Tafoya at the national office via email or by phone at 719.866.4730.