Kadee Shadden Places Seventh at Cadet World Championships

Aug. 09, 2009, 4:09 p.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - Kadee Shadden (Mineral Wells, Texas / Ruben Martin Judo Training Center) placed seventh in the 70kg division on Sunday at the Cadet World Championships. 

The 2008 Pan Am Juvenile Champion threw Tatsiana Charnukha (BLR) for ippon (instant win) with a tani o toshi (valley drop throw) in the first round.  

Shadden started her next match well against Sanaa Khelifi (ALG), throwing her with a harai goshi (hip throw) for a yuko (quarter-point) score on the first exchange of the match.  Shadden threw Khelifi twice more with the same throw for two waza-ari scores (half-point each) to win the match in less than two minutes. 

In the quarter-finals Shadden faced reigning European U17 Champion Valeria Ferrari (ITA) who threw Shadden for ippon with a harai goshi.  Ferrari would go on to win the gold medal with four straight ippons.  

Shadden dropped down to the repechage where she was down by a yuko before Alix Renaud-Roy (CAN) threw her for ippon with a tani o toshi.  

Shadden placed seventh in the division overall, making her the fourth U.S. player to place in the top eight this week after Carly Patton (Zephyrhills, Fla. / Del. Diaz Mambi Judo) placed seventh at 57kg on Saturday and Katelyn Bouyssou (Hope, R.I. / NYAC / Mayo Quanchi / 48kg) and Max Schneider (Chicago, Ill. / Tohkon / 66kg) each placed fifth on Friday. 

L.A. Smith (Rahway, N.Y. / Cranford Judo) found himself trailing in his first match in the 90kg division against Stefan Velev (BUL) when Velev footswept him for a waza-ari score and then went into a pin.  Smith escaped the pin seconds before it would have cost him the match.  Instead, Velev picked up a yuko score.  Smith came back when he threw Velev for a yuko and pinned Velev for ippon.

With one more win needed to advance to the quarter-finals, Smith fought Marius Piepke (GER) who threw him twice with uchimatas (inner thigh throws) to win the match en route to placing third overall.

Team USA had two heavyweights competing, but both lost their opening matches to European U17 medalists.    

Pavel Gorelov (Warwick, N.Y. / Charlottesville Judo Academy) was thrown for ippon with a te guruma (hand wheel throw) by 2009 European U17 Champion Yakov Mamistvalov (ISR) in the +90kg division.

After a first-round bye, Katinna Rodriguez (Anchorage, Alaska / All-Star Judo) was pinned by 2009 European U17 medalist Kseniya Darchuk (GER) in the +70kg division.

Complete results are as follows:

Male 90kg
1. Ryosuke Igarashi (JPN)
2. Toma Nikiforov (BEL)
3. Magomedrasul Gashimov (RUS)
3. Marius Piepke (GER)
5. Mateja Glusac (SRB)
5. Alex Garcia Mendosa (CUB)
7. Delan Monte (BRA)
7. Bolot Toktogonov (KGZ)

Also Competed: L.A. Smith (Rahway, N.Y. / Cranford Judo), 1-1

Male +90kg
1. Anton Krivobokov (RUS)
2. Rostomi Khakhaleishvili (GEO)
3. Alexis Dion (FRA)
3. Tsubasa Endo (JPN)
5. Hyeon-Cheol Kim (KOR)
5. Yakov Mamistvalov (ISR)
7. Robert Kerstner (HUN)
7. Oleg Buranko (KAZ)

Also Competed: Pavel Gorelov (Warwick, N.Y. / Charlottesville Judo Academy)

Female 70kg
1. Valeria Ferrari (ITA)
2. Lola Mansour (BEL)
3. Lola Mansour (GER)
3. Natalia Kubin (BRA)
5. Taina Nery (JPN)
5. Alix Renaud-Roy (CAN)
7. Karola Pandi (ROU)
7. Kadee Shadden (Mineral Wells, Texas / Ruben Martin Judo Training Center)

Female +70kg
1. Ji-Yeon Yu (KOR)
2. Emi Fujiwara (JPN)
3. Samanta Soares (BRA)
3. Carolin Weiss (GER)
5. Anna Pridannikova (RUS)
5. Kseniya Darchuk (UKR)
7. Jaya Creavalle (CAN)
7. Doris Mohorovic (CRO)

Also Competed: Katinna Rodriguez (Anchorage, Alaska / All-Star Judo), 0-1