Carly Patton Places Seventh at Cadet World Championships

Aug. 08, 2009, 2:34 p.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - Two-time Pan American Infantile Champion Carly Patton (Zephyrhills, Fla. / Del. Diaz Mambi Judo) may have been competing for just her second time in Europe on Saturday, but she finished as one of the top up-and-coming players in the world when she placed seventh in the 57kg division for 15-16-year-olds at the Cadet World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. 

Patton threw Sevara Nishanbayeva (KAZ) in the first round with a harai goshi (hip throw) to win the match by ippon (instant win) in the final minute. 

In the second round, Patton found herself down by an early yuko (quarter-point) when she was thrown by Katlyn Alfonzo (VEN).  Patton came back to tie the score when she leg picked Alfonzo to score a yuko of her own.  Patton threw Alfonzo again with a seoi nage (shoulder throw) to add a waza-ari (half-point) score to the board.  

Patton ended the match when she pinned Alfonzo in the third minute for 20 seconds for a second waza-ari score and the win. 

Patton advanced to the quarter-finals where she fought 2009 Pan American Juvenile Champion Flavia Gomes (BRA).  With Patton down by two penalties, Gomes later led the match by three yukos when she threw the American twice with uchimatas (inner thigh throws).  Patton was caught again late in the match when Gomes pinned her for ippon with just seconds left on the clock en route to winning the gold medal

In the repechage, Patton fought Dilara Incedayi (TUR) for the chance to advance to the bronze medal match.  Neither player scored until Incedayi threw Patton with a drop seoi nage (dropping shoulder throw) for ippon in the third minute.

Patton placed third in the division overall, making her the third U.S player to finish in the top seven this week.

Two other U.S. players fought on Saturday, but both lost their opening matches.

Max Golembo (Vernon Hills, Ill. / Cohen's Judo), a 2009 Pan Am Juvenile silver medalist, was thrown by 2008 European U17 Champion Alexios Ntanatsidis (GRE) for ippon in the 73kg division.  Ntanatsidis went on to win the bronze medal in the division. 

Jeremy Galib (Pittsfield, Mass. / USA Judo National Training Site at the Jason Morris Judo Center) had a bye in the 81kg division and fought Matic Ovijac (SVK) in the second round. 

Galib was down by yuko and waza-ari scores when Ovijac threw him with a te guruma (hand wheel throw) in the third minute for ippon.

Competition concludes on Sunday with the following divisions:

Female 70kg
Kadee Shadden (Mineral Wells, Texas / Ruben Martin Judo Center)

Katinna Rodriguez (Anchorage, Alaska / All-Star Judo)

Male 90kg
L.A. Smith (Rahway, N.J. / Cranford Judo)

Male +90kg
Pavel Gorelov (Warwick, N.Y. / Charlottesville Judo Academy)

Complete results are as follows:

Male 73kg
1. Khasan Khalmurzaev (RUS)
2. Krisztian Toh (HUN)
3. Michael Greiter (AUT)
3. Alexions Ntanatsidis (GRE)
5. Ricardo Perrao (BRA)
5. Mher Tavakalyan (ARM)
7. Alessandro De Luca (ITA)
7. Arnold Lukacs (ROU)

Also Competed: Max Golembo (Vernon Hills, Ill. / Cohen's Judo), 0-1

Male 81kg
1. Jae-Hyung Lee (KOR)
2. Henrique Silva (BRA)
3. Alikhan Dzarmotov (RUS)
3. Batuhan Efemgil (TUR)
5. Adrian Horvath (HUN)
5. Arpad Szakacs (SVK)
7. Mewen Ferey Mondesir (FRA)
7. Peter Pfistermueller (AUT)

Also Competed: Jeremy Galib (Pittsfield, Mass. / USA Judo National Training Site at the Jason Morris Judo Center), 0-1

Female 57kg
1. Flavia Gomes (BRA)
2. Yuri Okamoto (JPN)
3. Eun-Sol Choi (KOR
3. Yalin Wang (CHN)
5. Nadiya Dzyunzyak (UKR)
5. Dilara Incedayi (TUR)
7. Marie Noelle Kamano (ITA)
7. Carly Patton (Zephyrhills, Fla. / Del. Diaz Mambi Judo)

Female 63kg
1. Miku Tashiro (JPN)
2. Gulnoza Matniyazova (UZB)
3. Lise Luyckfasseel (BEL)
3. Barbara Matic (CRO)
5. Iana Kriukova (UKR)
5. Yalin Zhao (CHN)
7. Barbara Kiss (HUN)
7. Kyoung-Hui Park (PRK)