George Truong Advances to Second Round at Cadet World Championships

Aug. 06, 2009, 5:41 p.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - While most of his classmates are preparing for their freshman year at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, George Truong (Colorado Springs, Colo. / Ju Shin Kan Judo) was training for his first World Championships. 

Truong was one of four U.S. players who fought in the Cadet World Championships for 15-16-year-old athletes in Budapest, Hungary on Thursday. 

Competing in the 55kg division, Truong won his first match against Nicolas DiBartolo (CAN), but lost his next match by two penalties to Mike Chibana (BRA)

In an unseeded tournament where players must advance to the quarter-finals to be eligible for a medal, two U.S. players were on the negative end of the luck of the draw when they each fought opening round matches to Russians who would go on to win the division.  Under the previous elimination system, used until January of this year, a first-round loss to a champion would carry a player through to the repechage.  With the current system in place, however, an early loss simply results in elimination.

Destinee Nagtalon (Cupertino, Calif. / San Jose Buddhist) was thrown with an uchimata (inner thigh throw) during the first exchange by eventual champion Venera Nizamova (RUS) in the 40kg division. 

Anthony Sek (Providence, R.I. / Mayo Quanchi Judo Club) had a first-round bye, but lost in the next round to Sakhavat Gadzhiev (RUS) who would go on to win the gold in the 50kg division. 

Sek committed two early penalties, putting him at a yuko deficit when Gadzhiev earned another yuko score.  Although Sek was penalized again late in the match, he still held hopes of a comeback until Gadzhiev was thrown for ippon in the final 20 seconds of the match. 

Sek's Mayo Quanchi teammate Caitlyn Mason (Providence, R.I.) competed in the 44kg division, but was thrown for ippon with an o goshi (hip throw) by Jennet Geldybayeva (TKM)

Competition continues on Friday with the following divisions:

Female 48kg
Katelyn Bouyssou (Hope, R.I. / NYAC / Mayo Quanhci Judo Club)

Female 52kg

Jessica Irons (Yorkville, Ill. / USA Judo National Team FORCE / Yorkville Judo)

Male 60kg
Everet Desilets (Hope, R.I. / Mayo Quanchi Judo Club)

Male 66kg
Max Schneider (Chicago, Ill. / Tohkon)

Complete results are as follows:

Male 50kg
1. Sakhavat Gadzhiev (RUS)
2. Jun-Hee Chae (KOR)
3. Dmytro Atanov (UKR)
3. Steffen Hoffmann (GER)
5. Kamran Baghirov (AZE)
5. Pedro Rivadulla (ESP)
7. Lasha Kvirikashvili (GEO)
7. Subash Yadav (IND)

Also Competed: Anthony Sek (Providence, R.I. / Mayo Quanchi Judo Club), 0-1

Male 55kg
1. Seiken Fujisawa (JPN)
2. Jeyhun Gatayev (AZE)
3. Kairat Agibayev (KAZ)
3. Roman Buzuk (RUS)
5. Mansurkhuja Muminkhujaev (UZB)
5. Kestutis Vitkauskas (LTU)
7. Abdulrahman Antan (YEM)
7. Marko Vukicevic (SRB)

Also Competed: George Truong (Colorado Springs, Colo. / Ju Shin Kan), 1-1

Female 40kg
1. Venera Nizamova (RUS)
2. Seul-Bi Bae (KOR)
3. Saori Adachi (JPN)
3. Andrea Kunitz (GER)
5. Gundogdu Gul (TUR)
5. Antonia Silaghi (ROU)
7. Yoana Damyaanova (BUL)
7. Vita Volnova (BLR)

Also Competed: Destinee Nagtalon (Cupertino, Calif. / San Jose Buddhist), 0-1

Female 44kg
1. Mai Morishita (JPN)
2. Alexandra Pop (ROU)
3. Angelina Bombara (ITA)
3. Evgeniya Demintseva (RUS)
5. Laura Prince (NED)
5. Lesly Cano Velazques (PER)
7. Barbara Batizi (HUN)
7. Gabriela Chibana (BRA)

Also Competed: Caitlyn Mason (Providence, R.I. / Mayo Quanchi Judo Club), 0-1