USA Judo National Training Site Athletes Win Three Medals in Cuba

April 24, 2009, 11:07 a.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - Three junior players from the USA Judo National Training Site at North Miami each won bronze medals at the Senior C-Level Jose Ramon Rodriguez and Golden Judoguis Championships in Havana, Cuba on Tuesday.

Sixteen-year-old Andrew Porras (Miami, Fla.) won his first major senior medal with a silver in the 73kg division.

Porras threw Cuban National Champion Jorge Martinez, for a waza-ari (half-point) score early in the match. In the second minute, Porras choked Martinez for the win.

In the semifinals, Porras threw his second Cuban opponent twice in 90 seconds, first with a kata guruma (fireman's carry) for a waza-ari score and later with a leg throw for ippon (instant win).

Porras advanced to the finals where he and Ronald Girones (CUB) fought for four minutes without a score before Girones threw Porras with an o uchi gari (inner leg throw) for a waza-ari. Porras continued attacking while Girones was given a stalling penalty, but the waza-ari was enough to win the match.

A bronze medalist at this event in 2007 in the 48kg division, Jeanette Rodriguez (Davie, Fla.) won her second bronze as a 52kg player.

With two penalties each, Rodriguez's first match against Yarisbel Martinez (CUB) went into overtime with Rodriguez winning the match when Martinez was given two more penalties.

While penalties won Rodriguez her first match, they served as her downfall in the second when she lost two penalties to one to Grettel Romero (CUB).

Rodriguez then threw Silvia Arteaga (VEN) for ippon to win the bronze medal.

A silver medalist in 2008, Veronica Prado (Coral Springs, Fla.) and Mirsa Rodriguez (CUB) were each scoreless untill Prado threw Rodriguez with an uchimata (inner thigh throw) to win the match by ippon with just over a minute remaining.

In the next match, Prado was thrown by Lisa Vera (CUB) with an uchimata midway through the fight.

Prado came back to win the bronze when she pinned her third opponent in the final 10 seconds of the match.

Angelica Delgado (Miami, Fla.) had a close first match against Guatemalan Candida Ramirez, winning by a waza-ari and a yuko to Ramirez's two yuko scores.

In the second round, Delgado was thrown for ippon by Marisel Espinosa (CUB), a bronze medalist at the Junior Belgian Ladies' Open earlier this year.

In one of the largest women's divisions of the day, Delgado needed two more wins to fight for bronze.

In the repechage, Delgado defeated both of her Cuban opponents by yuko scores to advance to the bronze medal medal match where she lost to Ikaru Zarate (VEN) by a penalty

Daniel Gomez (College Station, Texas / Tezas A & M) also competed, but lost both of his matches in the 60kg division.