Nina Cutro-Kelly Wins Silver Medal at Birmingham World Cup

Sept. 22, 2008, 2:56 p.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - In the first major international tournament since the Olympic Games, Nina Cutro-Kelly (San Antonio, Texas / Universal Judo) won the first A-Level medal of her career with a silver at the Birmingham World Cup in Great Britain on Saturday.

Cutro-Kelly's first two wins avenged losses to players she fought last year at the 2007 Finnish Open.

In the first round, Cutro-Kelly led by a koka (smallest points) when Emma Fletcher (GBR) sustained a knee injury that forced her to withdraw from the match.

The win moved Cutro-Kelly into the semifinal when she and Raimonda Gedutyte (LTU) fought into overtime before Cutro-Kelly pinned Gedutyte.

Although Cutro-Kelly sustained an injury during her final match against Jana Stucke (GER), she continued fighting until Stucke armbarred her for the win.

The silver medal moves Cutro-Kelly into the #1 ranking in the 78kg division in the United States and makes her one of only three players in the United States to be currently ranked as an A-Level athlete.

Complete results are as follows:

Women's 48kg
1. Isabel Latulippe (CAN)
2. Emily Hickman (GBR)
3. Leen Dom (BEL)

Women's 52kg
1. Marie Muller (LUX)
2. Sophie Johnstone (GBR)
3. Louise Renicks (GBR)
3. Laura Gomez (ESP)
5. Kimberley Renicks (GBR)
5. Katrien Hofstad (NOR)
7. Sanna Askelof (SWE)
7. Toni Prince (GBR)

Women's 57kg
1. Faith Pitman (GBR)
2. Viola Waechter (GER)
3. Julie Baeyens (BEL)
3. Joliane Melancon (CAN)
5. Carolina Prats (ESP)
5. Anne Kaetzler (GER)
7. Rebecca Dunning (GBR)
7. Kristie-Anne Ryder (AUS)
Women's 63kg
1. Colleen Kerr (GBR)
2. Connie Ramsay (GBR)
3. Tomoko Kumakoto (JPN)
Women's 70kg
1. Sally Conway (GBR)
2. Elina Paulman (FIN)
3. Michelle Holt (GBR)
3. Gemma Gibbons (GBR)
5. Megan Fletcher (GBR)
5. Mahana Clutha (NZL) 

Women's 78kg
1. Jana Stucke (GER)
2. Nina Cutro-Kelly (San Antonio, Texas / Universal Judo)
3. Amy Cotton (CAN)
3. Samantha Lowe (GBR)
5. Raimonda Gedutyte (LTU)
5. Katie Dean (GBR)
7. Emma Fletcher (GBR)
7. Fiona Jones (GBR)
Women's +78kg
1. Sarah Adlington (GBR)
2. Louise Little (GBR)
3. Simone Callender (GBR)