JUDO: Youth and Scholastic Nationals Day 2 Results

March 30, 2008, 1 a.m. (ET)
For Immediate Release March 30, 2008 Contact: Nicole Jomantas, 719.271.9937 (cell) Nicole.Jomantas@usajudo.us (Menomonie, Wis.)-With the Junior World Championship Trials five months away, the IJF-Junior (under 20) divisions continue to have some of the most exciting rivalries in the sport. These hotly contested matches continued on Sunday at the Youth and Scholastic National Championships at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Fifteen-year-old Andrew Porras (Hialeah, Fla. / USA Judo National Training Site at North Miami) established himself as a contender for the 73kg Junior World Team slot when he upset top-ranked Nick Delpopolo (Glenville, N.Y. / USA Judo National Training Site at the Jason Morris Judo Center), a 2007 Senior Nationals silver medalist. Both players won two matches to advance to their first final. Neither scored until Delpopolo was given a penalty for stalling late in the match. Porras then threw Delpopolo for a yuko (quarter-point) score in the final seconds. Delpopolo beat David Oshima (Somerville, Mass. / Tohoku) in the loser's pool to return for a second final against Porras. Their rematch was short-lived, however, as Porras, who would win the Fighting Spirit Male Award, threw Delpopolo with a sacrifice throw for ippon in the first 30 seconds. Angelica Delgado (Miami, Fla. / USA Judo National Training Site at North Miami) and Hana Carmichael (Wellington, Fla. / Budokan Judo) continued their rivalry as the top two players in the 57kg division. After first-round byes, both players won their next two matches to advance to the finals. Delgado threw Carmichael for a yuko just over a minute into the match and threw her again for ippon. Carmichael beat Marlena Grovenstein (Colorado Springs, Colo. / Ju Shin Kan) in the next match to advance back up to the second final where she was thrown twice more by Delgado who also is one of the top players on the senior roster. In the 63kg division, Paola Genao-Butler (Colorado Springs, Colo. / USA Judo National Training Site at the Olympic Training Center) won her second medal in as many days after placing second yesterday in the collegiate division. Genao-Butler defeated Nancy Marroquin (Union City, N.J. / Tech Judo) and Kelly Au (Chicago, Ill. / Tohkon Judo) in the first two rounds before fighting Paula Duarte (Baldwin Park, Calif. / Mojica Judo) in the final-a rematch of the 2007 High School Nationals final where Duarte beat Genao-Butler. This time, Genao-Butler controlled both final matches. Duarte picked up three penalties throughout the first match and Genao-Butler earned the only offensive score of the match, sweeping Duarte for a koka (smallest points). Duarte was down by a penalty against Ronni Aragona (Schenectady, N.Y. / USA Judo National Training Site at the Jason Morris Judo Center), but came back with a throw for ippon to fight Genao-Butler again. In their next match, Genao-Butler threw Duarte for a waza-ari (half-point) and two kokas before pinning her at the end of the match. The win will make Genao-Butler the highest ranked actively competing player in the 63kg division, moving her ahead of Duarte with several more events between now and the Trials. Genao-Butler also earned the Fighting Spirit Female Award. Fifteen-year-old Chrissy Chow (Honolulu, Hawaii / Hawaii Tenri) and 16-year-old Kyle Taketa (Torrance, Calif. / Gardena Judo) went undefeated to win the 52kg and 60kg divisions respectively and were named Outstanding Female and Outstanding Male. Taketa moved up from 55kg to 60kg less than a year ago after winning a bronze medal at the Senior Pan American Championships and will move into the #3 ranking in the division after this weekend. Max Benjamin (Fresh Meadows, N.Y. / Spartak Sports Club) and Kadee Shadden (Mineral Wells, Texas / Ruben Martin Judo) won the Male and Female Best Technique Awards. Shadden was the winner of the IJF-Junior 70kg division while Benjamin won the 55kg Juvenile B division on Saturday. Complete results are as follows: Girls' Bantam 3 23kg 1. Donna Granados (San Jose, Calif.) 2. Audrey Pettigrew (Chicago, Ill.) Girls' Bantam 3 27kg 1. Riley Abeyta (Colorado Springs, Colo.) Boys' Bantam 3 23kg 1. Parker Roloff (Grafton, Wis.) 2. Harley Voss (Minneapolis, Minn.) Boys' Bantam 3 27kg 1. Robert Jr. Tanaka (Denver, Colo.) 2. Parker Roloff (Grafton, Wis.) 3. David Anderson (Chicago, Ill.) Boys' Bantam 3 + 35kg 1. Joshiah Selagea (Chicago, Ill.) Boys' Bantam 2 21kg 1. Erich Sauer (Chicago, Ill.) 2. Michael Gren (Minneapolis, Minn.) Boys' Bantam 2 25kg 1. Aizec Olson (St. Paul, Minn.) 2. Reece Heller (Riverwoods, Ill.) Boys' Bantam 2 + 30kg 1. Soren Birnbaum (Chicago, Ill.) Girls' Intermediate 2 31kg 1. Jessica Oda (Mililani, Hawaii) 2. Jessica Abad (San Jose, Calif.) Girls' Intermediate 2 34kg 1. Willow Heller (Riverwoods, Ill.) Girls' Intermediate 2 38kg 1. Summer Truong (Colorado Spring, Colo.) 2. Autumn Bates (Belleville, Ill.) 3. Jessica Lothridge (Naperville, Ill.) Girls' Intermediate 2 42kg 1. Amy Suzuki (San Jose, Calif.) 2. Tiffany Martin (Burleson, Texas) Girls' Intermediate 2 48kg 1. Cassidy Chandler (Honolulu, Hawaii) 2. Fabianna Saucedo (San Jose, Calif.) Girls' Intermediate 2 +53kg 1. Sonja Savici (Unknown) 2. Jamillah Ahmad (St. Paul, Minn.) 3. Danielle Kem (Huntington, Ind.) Boys' Intermediate 2 31kg 1. Blake Calli (Fort Worth, Texas) 2. Robert Pair (Cascade, Idaho) 3. Marshall Graves (Edwardsville, Ill.) Boys' Intermediate 2 34kg 1. Cole Chandler (Honolulu, Hawaii) 2. Matthew Kearney (Keller, Texas) 3. Noah Pineda-Abaya (Honolulu, Hawaii) 4. Gregory Zaw (Falmouth, Mass.) Boys' Intermediate 2 38kg 1. Wesley Dantzler (Sykesville, Md.) 2. Nathaniel Standish (Johnston, Iowa) 3. Julian Gallego (Chaska, Minn.) Boys' Intermediate 2 42kg 1. Matthew Landry (Forestdale, Mass.) 2. Jacob Graham (Bangert, Ill.) 3. Sebastian Ruiz (Pembroke Pines, Fla.) Boys' Intermediate 2 48kg 1. Makoa Gaughen (Kaneohe, Hawaii) 2. Gunnar Baker (McCall, Idaho) 3. William Okamura (Chicago, Ill.) Boys' Intermediate 2 53kg 1. Caleb Brown (East Falmouth, Mass.) 2. Will Chery (Columbus, Ohio) Boys' Intermediate 2 +53kg 1. Kyle Birnbaum (Chicago, Ill.) Female IJF Junior 44kg 1. Veronica Prado (Coral Springs, Fla.) 2. Brianna Calli (Fort Worth, Texas) Female IJF Junior 48kg 1. Angela Creutzberger (Balston Spa, N.Y.) 2. Lisette Abad (San Jose, Calif.) 3. Alexa Liddie (Colorado Springs, Colo.) Female IJF Junior 52kg 1. Christina Chow (Honolulu, Hawaii) 2. Jessica Irons (Yorkville, Ill.) 3. Samantha Martin (Burleson, Texas) Female IJF Junior 57kg 1. Angelica Delgado (Miami, Fla.) 2. Hana Carmichael (Wellington, Fla.) 3. Marlena Grovenstein (Colorado Springs, Colo.) Female IJF Junior 63kg 1. Paola Genao-Butler (Colorado Springs, Colo.) CO Colorado 2. Paula Duarte (Baldwin, Park, Calif.) 3. Ronni Aragona (Schenectady, N.Y.) Female IJF Junior 70kg 1. Kadee Shadden (Mineral Wells, Texas) 2. Kelsi Bostic (Anderson, Ind.) 3. Katinna Rodriguez (Anchorage, Alaska) Female IJF Junior 78kg 1. Helen Delpopolo (Westfield, N.J.) 2. Halee Shadden (Mineral Wells, Texas) 3. LaQuinta Allen (Lauderdale, Fla.) Male IJF Junior 55kg 1. Matt Dong (San Jose, Calif.) 2. Alex Shustorovich (Marlboro, N.J.) 3. Casey Kenney (Portland, Ind.) Male IJF Junior 60kg 1. Kyle Taketa (Torrance, Calif.) 2. Max Schneider (Chicago, Ill.) 3. Derron Maki (Honolulu, Hawaii) Male IJF Junior 66kg 1. Jeremy Liggett (Glenville, N.Y.) 2. Zachary Godbold (Houston, Texas) 3. Michael Fujimoto (Los Angeles, Calif.) 4. Gary Zakaran (Glendale, Calif.) Male IJF Junior 73kg 1. Dariel Porras (Hialeah, Fla.) 2. Nick Delpopolo (Glenville, N.Y.) 3. David Oshima (Somerville, Mass.) Male IJF Junior 81kg 1. Tony Sangimino (Glenville, N.Y.) 2. Antonio Rodriguez (Pembroke Pines, Fla.) 3. Daniel Satinsky (Buffalo Grove, Ill.) Male IJF Junior 90kg 1. Steve Fayzakov (Fresh Meadows, N.Y.) 2. Ajax Tadehara (Pocatello, Idaho) 3. Carlos Moran (Clifton, N.J.) 4. Lucian Gazzani (Granada Hill, Calif.) Male IJF Junior 100kg 1. Kyle Vashkulat (Glenville, N.Y.) Male IJF Junior +100kg 1. Kevin Duarte (Baldwin, Calif.) 2. Doyle Richeson (Burleson, Texas) 3. Jimmy Dogaz (Shawnee, Ga.) Male IJF Junior Open 1. Kyle Vashkulat (Scotia, N.Y.) 2. Michael Harrison (Burn, Va.) 3. Christopher Johnson (Fond Du Lac, Wis.) Results by Organization Point System: Place won | Point Value 1 5 2 3 3 1 Organization name |Total|# 1 |# 2 |# 3 | 1. Illinois 48 5 6 5 2. California 38 5 4 1 3. New York 34 6 1 1 4. Texas 29 2 6 1 5. Hawaii 27 5 0 2 6. Florida 23 3 2 2 7. Colorado 22 4 0 2 8. Minnesota 15 1 3 1 9. Massachusetts 11 2 0 1 10. New Jersey 9 1 1 1 10. Wisconsin 9 1 1 1 10. Idaho 9 0 3 0 11. Indiana 5 0 1 2 11. Maryland 5 1 0 0 12. Ohio 3 0 1 0 12. Virginia 3 0 1 0 12. Iowa 3 0 1 0 13. Georgia 1 0 0 1 13. Alaska 1 0 0 1 Complete results for the collegiate novice divisions are as follows: Women's 63kg 1. Rochelle Nguyen (Stanford, Calif. / Stanford University) 2. Elizabeth Vickers (Ames, Iowa / Iowa State University) 3. Kathleen Korn (Ames, Iowa / Iowa State University) Women's 70kg 1. Rochelle Nguyen (Stanford, Calif. / Stanford University) 2. Elizabeth Vickers (Ames, Iowa / Iowa State University) 3. Lucicle McMinn (USAFA, Colo. / U.S. Air Force Academy) Men's Novice 60kg 1. Samuel Sheppard (USAFA, Colo. / U.S. Air Force Academy) 2. Ling Shao (Stanford, Calif. / Stanford University) 3. Weber Wu (Gainesville, Fla. / University of Florida) Men's Novice 66kg 1. Anthony Dariano (San Jose, Calif. / San Jose State University) 2. Matthew Soto (College, Texas / Texas A,M) 3. Chan Youn (Gainesville, Fla. / University of Florida) Men's 73kg 1. Samuel Johnston (College Station, Texas / Texas A,M) 2. Joel Holley (Colorado Springs, Colo. / U.S. Air Force Academy) 3. Chris Jones (College Station, Texas / Texas A,M) Men's 81kg 1. David Kaszycki (Alpharetta, Ga. / Wesleyan School) 2. Garett Kolodziej (Poth, Texas / Texas A,M) 3. Sean Donnelly (USAFA, Colo. / U.S. Air Force Academy) Men's 100kg 1. Aaron Schlueter (Muncie, Ind. / Ball State University) 2. Mohamed Goodwin (Washington, D.C. / Ball State University) 3. Warren Scott (Gainesville, Fla. / University of Florida) Results by College Point System: Place won | Point Value 1 5 2 3 3 1 College name |Total|# 1 |# 2 |# 3 | 1. Stanford Univ. 13 2 1 0 2. Texas A,M 12 1 2 1 3. U.S. Air Force Adacamy 10 1 1 2 4. Ball State University 8 1 1 0 5. Iowa State University 7 0 2 1 6. San Jose State University 5 1 0 0 6. Wesleyan School 5 1 0 0 7. University of Florida 3 0 0 3 For more information, contact Nicole Jomantas, USA Judo Director of Communications and Media Relations, at 719.271.9937 (cell) or Nicole.Jomantas@usajudo.us. -END-