AAC Seeks Paralympic Representatives

Dec. 28, 2008, 11:38 a.m. (ET)

The USOC is conducting elections for the two (2) Paralympic athlete representatives to the USOC Athletes' Advisory Council.  The election will take place in January and February 2009 for the term of service 2009-2012.

The procedures for this election have been approved by the AAC and were used to elect the current representatives in 2005.  Some highlights of the procedures are:

  • Only athletes who have represented the USA in the Paralympic Games within 10 years of the start of the term (January 2009) are eligible. Thus, eligible athletes are those who competed in Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, Torino or Beijing.
  • There will be one representative from a summer sport and one representative from a winter sport. The alternate for each seat will be of the opposite sex from the representative.
  • The athletes from each sport elect a nominee, then that group of twenty-four nominees will elect the two representatives and two alternates from among the group.
  • Athletes must declare themselves candidates. You cannot nominate another individual. If you think an athlete would be a good representative, contact the athlete and encourage him/her to declare him/herself a candidate.

Detailed procedures for the election, including the processes for: declaring yourself a candidate, voting for sport-specific nominees, and selecting the two representatives plus two alternates will be sent to you in early January.  If you need to update your contact information with the Paralympic Division, please send the update to kassy.golden@usoc.org. 


The USOC Athletes' Advisory Council represents Olympic, Paralympic and Pan American sport athletes through the review of USOC policies and programs; the nomination of athlete members of the USOC Board of Directors and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Board of Directors; the review of Olympic and Paralympic Team selection procedures; and participation in other multi-sport and sport-specific discussions.  The AAC is comprised of representatives from National Governing Bodies, representatives of Paralympic athletes, and members-at-large directly elected by the AAC.  The AAC works collegially to represent all athletes in the Olympic Movement; the ability to work collaboratively with representatives from other constituent groups is critical to a representative's effectiveness in the AAC. 

The AAC meets three times each year for the four year term.  In addition to meetings, representatives should be available to work on issues regularly on e-mail and telephone.  Travel to meetings and other official business is paid for by the USOC.

If you have questions about the AAC, you can contact the current (2005-2008) Paralympic representatives on the AAC Trischa Zorn-Hudson (summer) and Jim Lagerstrom (winter).  Other Paralympians who serve on the AAC and who are available to discuss AAC service are: Bob Balk, 2004-2012 IPC Athletes' Council Member; Mike Peters, 2005-2008 AAC Vice-Chair; and Jon McCullough, 2009-2012 AAC Member at Large.  Trischa Zorn-Hudson has also been elected as a 2009-2012 Member at Large, allowing her to serve a second term on the AAC while vacating the summer representative seat to be filled by another Paralympic athlete. 

Trischa Zorn-Hudson: tlzorn@aol.com
Jim Lagerstrom: lagerstrom@att.net  
Bob Balk: bob.balk@yahoo.com 
Mike Peters: mspeters@u.washington.edu 
Jon McCullough: parasoccer@yahoo.com

Please look for additional information on this important process shortly after the start of the New Year.  Robust participation in this election - both as candidates and as voters - is important for the effective representation of Paralympic athletes within the USOC governance structure.