USA Judo Announces New Standing Committee Members

Dec. 22, 2008, 1:06 p.m. (ET)

USA Judo is proud to anounce the naming of the Standing Committee members who will serve the organization over the next year.  These committees were nominated and voted upon by the Board of Directors at the recent Board meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Please join our Board of Directors, as well as USA Judo National office staff in congratulating and welcoming these new Standing Committee members.  We are all grateful to them for volunteering to serve on these committees and look forward to the continuing growth and development of our sport in the United States thanks to the work of these committees.  We appreceiate their commitment to the athletes and the sport and wish them great success in the New Year!

Audit Committee: Gail Stolzenburg

Ken Bellmard

Reno Reser

Jim Webb


Coaches Education Committee: Pat Burris
Kristi Burris

Dr. Greg Chow

Bert Becerra

Bert Mackey


Referee Education Committee: Frank Morales

For inquiries, contact: Asst. to the Chairman William Graves

Roy Englert

Hector Estevez

Kei Narimatsu

Russell Scherer

Tom Seabasty


Nominating Committee: Bob Harvey

Roland Beckham

Karen Mackey

Chuck Jefferson


Judicial Committee: David Smith

Tom Masterson

Bob Harvey

Rich Muller

Jeff leForce

Karen Mackey


Ethics Committee: Kei Narimatsu

Karen Mackey

Sgt. Maj. Mayfield

Ashlie Martini

Tom Masterson


Rank and Certification Committee: Jim Colgan

Patrick Burris

Mel Appelbaum

Bert Becerra

Ronald Hansen

Rena Kanokogi

Gerry Navarro

Hayward Nishioka

Page Baptist


Athlete Performance Committee: Corinne Shigemoto

Pat Burris

Steve Cohen

Jim Hrbek

Eddie Liddie

Jason Morris

Jimmy Pedro

Reno Reser

John Serbin


Medical Committee: Bob Nishime, MD

Vice Chair: Bradford Lee, MD

Secretary: Greg Olson, DC

Takenari Asanuma, JT

Gary Berliner, MD

Jeb Burns, ATC

Anne Cappellari, MD

Wiemi Douoguih, MD

Traci Ferguson, MD

Joseph Fitzsimmons, MD

Eitan Geiber, ATC

Craig Gelfound, DC

Chris Herald, ATC

Masi Higuchi, JT

Emi Ishikawa, ATC

Steve Isono, MD

Lubor Jarolimek, MD

Karin Johnson, MD

Peter Kim, MD

Jonathan Knight, MD

Ricardo Nieves, MD

Joey Villaflor, MD