USA Judo Board of Directors Holds Meeting, Attends Seminar at Olympic Training Center

Dec. 18, 2008, 1:57 p.m. (ET)
(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - Members of the recently elected USA Judo Board of Directors travelled to Colorado Springs last week to attend a board training seminar and hold their latest meeting since elections were held in September. 

As part of a joint venture with the U.S. Olympic Committee, the training session was conducted to help USA Judo Board members have increased success in their respective roles.  The seminar was led by Kae Rader, a former USOC administrator who also was a past Executive Director of USA Table Tennis.  The seminar was part of a USOC effort to educate all new National Governing Body Boards.

Throughout the seminar, the Board discussed issues that affect non-profit organizations, including best practices, fundraising, legal issues and strategic planning.  This seminar took place thanks to the support of USOC Sports Partnership Director Jay Warwick, and NGB Development Director Eric Parthen.

Warwick and Parthen participated in the seminar and played an important role in explaining to the USA Judo Board the various unique nuances of the Olympic movement, both domestically and internationally.

All members of the Board of Directors attended the seminar with enthusiastic participation by everyone.

"We are very appreciative to the USOC and, most importantly, to Jay Warwick and Eric Parthen for the support that they are providing USA Judo," said USA Judo President Lance Nading.  "We could not ask for a better partner in the growth and development of judo in our country than the USOC. The fact that both Jay and Eric took time of their busy schedule to be with us at this meeting speaks volumes of their commitment to our sport.

"I also want to thank all members of the Board for taking the time away from their business and family so close to the holidays to attend this seminar and Board meeting. I just know that the two days that we spent here will be beneficial to our organization in these next four years," Nading continued.

Part of the afternoon presentation during the seminar was a short appearance by USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender who shared some of USA Wrestling's past experiences with their Board of Directors.

Once the seminar was completed on Thursday, the Board met again in an all-day session on Friday. 

During this meeting, the Directors were given a three hour presentation by the National Office staff on activities such as membership services, sanctions, insurance issues, national events, international relations and high performance programs for 2009.

The Board also approved the operational budget for 2009.

"We were happy to hear from the USOC of their financial support of USA Judo's high performance programs for 2009 while the Board was meeting on Friday. Considering the economy and the number of NGBs who had their budgets cut drastically in 2009, we are thankful that the USOC provided us with such a continuing financial support in 2009," said USA Judo CEO Jose H. Rodriguez.  "We will be announcing to our membership and to our athlete the financial support package that the USOC has allocated to us by the first of the year."