Harrison Wins Silver at KRA Cup Korea Open

Dec. 07, 2008, 8:38 a.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - Eighteen-year-old Kayla Harrison (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE) won her first medal at a major senior tournament outside North America on Saturday when she earned a silver in the 78kg division at the B-Level KRA Cup Korea Open in Jeju.
The reigning Junior World Champion, Harrison has been undefeated in the United States since moving up to 78kg earlier this year and was nearly unstoppable in Korea as well.
After a first-round bye, Harrison pinned 2007 Asian Junior Champion Jong-Won Park (KOR) with a sankaku (triangle hold) for ippon (instant win). 
Harrison led during her semifinal against former Asian Junior Champion Da-Woon Jung (KOR) by throws for yuko (quarter-point) and waza-ari (half-point) scores before pinning her for ippon.
In the final, Harrison and Gyeong-Mi Jeong (KOR) were each scoreless until Harrison caught Jeong with a sumi gaeshi (sacrifice throw) in the final minute for a yuko.  Unfortunately, she was given two penalties during the last minute which tied the score and sent the match into Golden Score overtime.  After four more minutes without a score for either player, Jeong threw Harrison for a yuko score which ended the match. 
Harrison's Team FORCE teammate Aaron Kunihiro (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC) split his matches in the 60kg division, 2-2, to place fifth.
The Junior World Team member threw Kin Ting Yu (HKG) for a yuko in the first round and ended the match with a pin.
Kunihiro lost his quarter-final match against 2007 Asian Junior medalist Young-Joo Kim (KOR) by a pair of waza-aris, but came back in the repechage where he advanced to the bronze medal match after beating Ruben Perrino Perez (ESP) by a yuko.
Kunihiro's bronze medal match went a full five minutes, but he lost to three-time World Cup medalist Takeshi Ogawa (JPN) by a yuko.
Bobby Lee (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE) lost in the first round of the 73kg division by two yukos against 2007 Asian Champion Gui-Han Bang (KOR)
Complete results are as follows:

Completed Draws
Women's 63kg
1. Sainjargal Batbaatar (MGL)
2. Zarina Aldikova (KAZ)
3. Jung-Hee Lee (KOR)
3. Hye-Sun Lee (KOR)
5. Camilla Soder (SWE)
5. Lan Li (CHN)
7. Su-Jin Choi (KOR)
7. Nagore Valle (ESP)
Women's 70kg
1. Yea-Seul Hwang (KOR)
2. Mi-Young Choi (KOR)
3. Marian Urdaba (KAZ)
3. Chiaki Shimizu (JPN)
5. Jin-Ah Kim (KOR)
5. Wan-Chin Lee (TPE)
Women's 78kg
1. Gyeong-Mi Jeong (KOR)
2. Kayla Harrison (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE)
3. Hitomi Ikeda (JPN)
3. Catherine Roberge (CAN)
5. Da-Woon Jung (KOR)
5. Fenhong Zhang (CHN)
7. Hyun-Joo Cho (KOR)
7. Jong-Won Park (KOR)
Women's +78kg
1. Jung-Eun Lee (KOR)
2. Eun-Ju Lee (KOR)
3. Ihori Shimizu (JPN)
3. Jung-Min Woo (KOR)
5. Hsiu-Ya Tsai (TPE)
Men's 60kg
1. Rishod Sobirov (UZB)
2. Jianqi An (CHN)
3. Takeshi Ogawa (JPN)
3. Young-Joo Kim (KOR)
5. Aaron Kunihiro (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE)
5. Seok-Woo Kim (KOR)
7. Ruben Perrino Perez (ESP)
Men's 66kg
1. Min-Ho Choi (KOR)
2. Tomoo Torii (JPN)
3. Jun-Ho Cho (KOR)
3. Jang-Yong Park (KOR)
5. Eduardo Fernandez (ESP)
5. Hyung-Joo Kim (KOR)
7. Ivo Dos Santos (AUS)
7. Ritubilige Wu (CHN)
Men's 73kg
1. Hwan Koo (KOR)
2. Baatar Tsagaan (MGL)
3. Gui-Man Bang (KOR)
3. Ji-Seob Yoon (KOR)
5. Daisuke Chiba (JPN)
5. U. Otgonbaatar (MGL)
7. Chun-Ta Huang (TPE)
7. Wei Liu (CHN)
Also Competed: Bobby Lee (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE), 0-1