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McCormick Places Seventh at KRA Cup Korea Open

Dec. 05, 2008, 2:45 p.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - Olympian Daniel McCormick (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE) placed seventh in the +100kg division at the KRA Cup Korea Open in Jeju on Friday.

McCormick led by yuko (quarter-point) and waza-ari (half-point) scores against Kuen Chan Wing (HKG) before throwing him for ippon (instant win) with a harai o goshi (hip throw) nearly three minutes into the match. 
In the quarter-finals, McCormick was thrown by Chul-Sung Baek (KOR) with an ippon seoi nage (shoulder throw) for ippon.

McCormick dropped down to the repechage where he was down by a waza-ari in his match against Alan Turyssov (KAZ).  McCormick tried to attack twice with an o soto gari (major outer leg throw), but was countered on the second attempt by Turyssov who scored a second waza-ari, ending the match.

Neither Aaron Handy (Wakefield, Mass. / USA Judo National Team FORCE) or 2007 World Team Championships bronze medalist Shao Ning (CHN) scored during their first round 100kg match until Ning countered a throw attempt by Handy and took the American to the ground where he was pinned for ippon.

Competition continues on Saturday when three more members of the Team FORCE program take the mat: Aaron Kunihiro (NYAC / 60kg), Bobby Lee (NYAC / 73kg) and Kayla Harrison (NYAC / 78kg).

Complete results are as follows:

Completed Draws

Women's 48kg
1. Young-Ran Kim (KOR)
2. Jung-Yeon Chung (KOR)
3. Chie Tanimoto (JPN)
3. Qinqin Mo (CHN)
5.  U. Bassankhuu (MGL)
5. Ji-Young You (KOR)
7. Alexandra Podryadova (KAZ)

Women's 52kg
1. Cancan He (CHN)
2. Eun-Hee Lee (KOR)
3. Lenaria Mingazova (KAZ)
3. Yuko Kondo (JPN)
5. Keum-Mai Choi (KOR)
7. Yan Chung Wing (HKG)

Women's 57kg
1. Chie Iwata (JPN)
2. Sae-Rom Song (KOR)
3. Chen-Ling Lien (TPE)
3. Yan Liu (CHN)
5. Joliane Melancon (CAN)
5. Jan-Di Kim (KOR)
7. Ana Moceyawa (NZL)

Men's 81kg
1. Hee-Jung Lee (KOR)
2. Tooru Taniguchi (JPN)
3. Janchivdorj Bunddorj (MGL)
3. Won-Hee Cha (KOR)
5. Duman Aldiyev (KAZ)
5. Javier Madera (ESP)
7. Jesus M. Carrasco (ESP)
7. Chen-Ying Wu (TPE)

Men's 90kg
1. Kwang-Ho Kim (KOR)
2. Shun Saito (JPN)
3. Su-Geun Song (KOR)
3. Timur Bolat (KAZ)
5. Yoon-Gi Park (KOR)
5. Han-Shieh Tseng (TPE)
7. Peng Liu (CHN)
7. Yamov Sheykhisl (UKR)

Men's 100kg
1. Cheon Choi (KOR)
2. Scott Edward (CAN)
3. Sun-Hoo Park (KOR)
3. Akinori Hongo (JPN)
5. Geun-Bae Seung (KOR)
5. Ning Shao (CHN)
7. Unurjargal Boldpurev (MGL)
7.  Alejandro Carrera (ESP)

Also Competed: Aaron Handy (Wakefield, Mass. / USA Judo National Team FORCE), 0-1

Men's +100kg
1. Kazuyuki Murakami (JPN)
2. Soo-Whan Kim (KOR)
3. Sung-Bum Kim (KOR)
3. Abdullo Tangriev (UZB)
5. Chul-Sung Baek (KOR)
5. Alan Turyssov (KAZ)
7. Ulan Ryskul (KAZ)
7. Daniel McCormick (Wakefield, Mass. / NYAC / USA Judo National Team FORCE)