Martin, Rousey, Mocco and Shafir Win Senior Ontario Open

Nov. 29, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)

U.S. athletes swept titles in four of the seven senior women'sdivisions at the Ontario Open, Nov. 27 in Mississauga, Ontario.

Ronda Rousey (Santa Monica, Calif./Venice Judo/63kg) and Marina Shafir (Latham, N.Y./Judo America/78kg) added to their junior titles from Saturday with senior victories, both winning each of their matches by ippon. 

Hannah Martin (Burnt Hills, N.Y./Judo America/57kg) won her senior division following a bronze medal performance in the juniors and Katie Mocco (Scotia, N.Y./Jason Morris Judo Club/70kg) also won gold.

Other top finishers included silver medalist Brenna Clark (Hercules, Calif./Okubo/APOA Judo Club/48kg) and bronze medalist AJ Silverman (Scotia, N.Y./Jason Morris Judo Club/66kg).

Medal winners in each division are as follows:

Women's Division

1.  Chantal Beausoleil (CAN)
2.  Brenna Clark (Hercules, Calif./Okubo/APOA Judo Club)
3.  Jaana Merivirta (CAN)

1.  Joelle Couture-Legare (CAN)
2.  Eve Renaud-Roy (CAN)
3.  Robin Huggard (CAN)
3.  Andreia Kunszabo (CAN)

1.  Hannah Martin (Burnt Hills, N.Y./Judo America)
2.  Maude-Helene Benoit (CAN)
3.  Barb Herda (CAN)
3.  Myriam Lmarche (CAN)

1.  Ronda Rousey (Santa Monica, Calif./Venice Judo)
2.  Nichelle Stever (CAN)
3.  Emilie Lapalme-Gendron (CAN)
3.  Lisa Nakajima (CAN)

1.  Katie Mocco (Scotia, N.Y./Jason Morris Judo Club)
2.  Kelita Zupancic (CAN)
3.  Maguy Lapointe (CAN)
3.  Christy Takahashi (CAN)

1.  Marina Shafir (Latham, N.Y./Judo America)
2.  Marie-Soleil Lapointe (CAN)
3.  Roxanne Roulez (CAN)
3.  Amanda Stinson (CAN)

1.  Sylvia Hausot (CAN)
2.  Anna Rabjohn (CAN)
3.  Jacquie Van Boxmeer (CAN)

Men's Division
1.  Matthew Vaughan (CAN)
2.  Jemaine Jarvis
3.  Maxime Castonguay (CAN)
3.  Kyle Stephens (CAN)

1.  Jose Luis Mechato Samaritano (CAN)
2.  Olivier La Masse (CAN)
3.  Brett Caswell (GBR)
3.  Segio Cavellini Pessoa (CAN)

1.  Keven Larouche (CAN)
2.  Samuel Gagnon-Girard (CAN)
3.  Olivier Aubin-Mercier (CAN)
3.  AJ Silverman (Scotia, N.Y./Jason Morris Judo Club)

1.  Francis Lemair (CAN)
2.  Aaron Pfeffer (CAN)
3.  Christopher Sibbald (CAN)
3.  Ludovic Bedard-Nadeau

1.  Kalem Kachur (CAN)
2.  Goran Petrovic (CAN)
3.  Mole Makambo (CAN)
3.  Ahmed-Redouane Lazizi (CAN)

1.  Matthieu Cote (CAN)
2.  Guillaume Cavalli (CAN)
3.  Guillaume Angers (CAN)
3.  Yuriy Datsky (CAN)

1.  Thierry Lemair (CAN)
2.  Vedim Dudarev
3.  Andrew Goulet (CAN)
3.  William Thompson

1.  Tony Walby
2.  Ian Alexander
3.  Patrick Paul Knox
3.  Christian Lepage