Twenty Athletes to Compete at British Open

Nov. 24, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)

USA Judo is pleased to announce that 20 athletes will be competing at the British Open, Dec. 3-4 in West Sussex, United Kingdom.

Highlighting the list are 1992 Olympian Valerie Gotay (Temecula, Calif./57kg) who won the silver medal at the 2004 British Open and Ryan Reser (Colorado Springs, Colo./73kg) who won gold at the 2001 event.

Gotay and Reser are just two members of the 2005 World Championships Team competing at the British Open.  Other World Team members include Dariusz Mikolajczak (Brooklyn, N.Y./90kg) and Molly O'Rourke (El Cerrito, Calif./78kg).

Grace Jividen (Littleton, Colo.), 1992 Olympian, and Dan Doyle (Spring Valley, Ohio), head coach of the Renshuden Judo Academy, are serving as coaches for the event.

Team Managers are Sergeant Major Mayfield (Jacksonville, N.C.), Paula Walker (Las Vegas, N.V.) and Devin Cohen (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Complete U.S. roster is as follows:


66kg:    Joshua O'Neill (Colorado Springs, Colo.)

66kg:    Taylor Takata (Brownsville, Texas)

73kg:    Michael Eldred (Fruitland, Idaho)

73kg:    Bobby Lee (Lauderhill, Fla.)

73kg:    Ryan Reser (Colorado Springs, Colo.)

81kg:    Harry St. Leger (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

90kg:      Garry St. Leger (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

90kg:    Dariusz Mikolajczak (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

+100kg:J. Daniel McCormick (Arlington, Texas)


48kg:    Michele Sternick (Mansfield, Pa.)

48kg:    Ann Shiraishi (Elk Grove, Calif.)

52kg:    Jessica Sternick (Mansfield, Pa.)

57kg:    Valerie Gotay (Temecula, Calif.)

57kg:    Anna Palmer (Colorado Springs, Colo.)

63kg:    Kristen Allan (Springfield, Va.)

63kg:    Kayla Harrison (Middletown, Ohio)

70kg:    Jaclyn Feureschwenger (Linden, N.J.)

78kg:    Nina Cutro-Kelly (Albany, N.Y.)

78kg:    Molly O'Rourke (El Cerrito, Calif.)

+78kg:  Eva Smith (Fall River, Mass.)