Pan Am Masters Team and Open Results

Nov. 20, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)

The Pan Am Masters concluded in Northglenn, Colo. on Nov. 20 with competitions in the team and open divisions. 

In the women's Open competition, 2005 World Team member Heidi Moore (Englewood, Colo./Denver Judo/+78kg) won her second title of the weekend while 2005 World Masters Champion Jessica Lockfield (Denver, Colo./Denver Judo/70kg) took the silver medal over heavyweight Lisa Guerrero (Frazier Park, Calif./Mountain Judo).

On the men's side Ricardo Tuero (CUB/Miami, Fla./Ricardo Tuero National Judo Institute/73kg/45-49)Jacques Coté (CAN/Longueuil, Canada/Club De Judo Boucher/100kg/50-54), Justo Sanchez (Miami, Fla./Banzai Judo Dojo/100kg/55-59)Larry Gaines (Glendale, Ariz./Van Helder Judo/+100kg/60-64) and Bob Ensler (Boynton Beach, Fla./Tomodachi Judo/90kg/70-74) all won Open titles to accompany their gold medals from Saturday's weight and age group divisions.

One of the highlights of the day's competition was in the Men's 40-44-year-old Open division in which Mahmood Mani (SWE/Denver, Colo.) of the hosting Northglenn Judo Club, who placed second in his normal weight category of 73kg claimed the Open division, defeating all opponents he faced, including Andre Robles (Burbank, Calif.LA Tenri Dojo) in the final who weighed in at 111kg.  En route to his gold medal, Mahmoud also defeated Derrick Kerr (Honolulu, Hawaii/West Covina Judo Dojo) who weighed in at 113 kg.

Another exciting performance was put on by Wilson Figueroa (COL), the smallest man in the tournament at 60kg, who placed third in the 30-34-year-old Open category, defeating Uede (Jake) Miller (Douglas, Wy./Cheyenne Judo) who won silver 81kg and Alex Janas (Tulsa, Okla./Van Helder Judo) who won silver at 100kg. 

In the team competition, The Colorado Girls defeated The California Girls in the three-person women's event while Team Florida defeated Team Arizona in the five-person men's event. 

Special awards, medal winners from Sunday's team and Open events as well as Friday's kata results are as follows:

Special Awards:
Outstanding Athletes:
Francisco Z. A. Almeida (BRA/Aracatuba, Brazil/Judo Clube Mori)
Heidi Moore (Denver, Colo./Denver, Judo)

Most Inspirational:
Male:  Ralph Lisle (Carlsbad, Calif./San Shi Judo)
Destinee Tartuffe (Calistoga, Calif./SRJC Judo Club)

Team Competition

Women Teams (3 person):

1.  The Colorado Girls

2.  The California Girls

Men Teams (5 person):

1.  Team Florida

2.  Team Arizona

1.  Jolie Feng (Fort Worth, Texas/Okuri Judo)/Terrie Norman (Burleson, Texas/Fort Worth Judo)

1.  Kathryn Buys (Wyoming, Minn./North Star Martial Arts)/Michelle Holtze (Minnetonka, Minn/North Star Martial Arts)

1.  Rex Halterman (Montrose, Colo./High Plains Judo)/Harris Meek (Montrose, Colo./High Plains Judo)

1.  Rex Halterman (Montrose, Colo./High Plains Judo)/Harris Meek (Montrose, Colo./High Plains Judo)

1.  Rex Halterman (Montrose, Colo./High Plains Judo)/Harris Meek (Montrose, Colo./High Plains Judo)

Shiai Category Divisions:

Female 30-34 yrs, Open  
1. Heidi Moore (Englewood, Colo./Denver Judo)
2. Jessica Lockfeld (Denver, Colo./Denver Judo)
3. Lisa Guerrero (Frazier Park, Calif./Mountain Judo)

Male 30-34 yrs, Open    
1. Robert Sty (Chandler, Ariz./Van Helder Judo)
2. Jayson Funicello (Flagstaff, Ariz./NAU Judo Club)
3. Wilson Figueroa (COL)

Male 35-39 yrs, Open    
1. Eric De Rome (CAN/Vercheres, Canada/Club De Judo Boucher)
2. Kenneth Fontes (Phoenix, Ariz./Van Helder Judo)
3. Francisco Z. A. Almeida (BRA/Aracatuba, Brazil/Judo Clube Mori)
3. Arturo Soler (COL)

Male 40-44 yrs, Open    
1. Mahmood Mani (SWE/Denver, Colo./Northglenn Judo)
2. Andre Robles (Burbank, Calif./LA Tenri Dojo)
3. Mark Guerrero (Frazier Park, Calif./Mountain Judo)
3. David Huffman (Flagstaff, Ariz./NAU Judo Club)

Male 45-49 yrs, Open    
1. Ricardo Tuero (CUB/Miami, Fla./Ricardo Tuero National Judo Institute)
2. Gregory Difranza (Jacksonville Beach, Fla./Judo RYU Jacksonville)
3. Steve Bell (Sauges, Calif./Antrlope Valley)
3. Shaun Holmstrom (CAN/Edmonton, Canada/University of Alberta)

Male 50-54 yrs, Open    
1. Jacques Coté (CAN/Longueuil, Canada/Club De Judo Boucher)
2. Jeff Bruner (Calabasas, Calif./Valley Judo Institute)
3. Jack Bradford (Phoenix, Ariz./Van Helder Judo)

Male 55-59 yrs, Open    
1. Justo Sanchez (Miami, Fla./Banzai Judo Dojo)
2. Kevin Young (Sanger, Calif./Clovis Judo Club)

Male 60-64 yrs, Open    
1. Larry Gaines (Glendale, Ariz./Van Helder Judo)
2. Gergory M. Carmichael Sr. (New Rochelle, N.Y./Reno Judo Club of Nevada)

Male 70-74 yrs, Open    

1. Bob Ensler (Boynton Beach, Fla./Tomodachi Judo)