Pan American Masters Championships Results

Nov. 19, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)

(Northglenn, Colo.) - More than 100 athletes competed at the Pan American Masters Championships in Northglenn, Colo., Nov. 19, where athletes 30-years-old and over from 10 countries vied for age group titles.

Scott Moore (Englewood, Colo./90kg), 2000 Paralympic gold medalist, claimed his first Master's title with quick wins by ippon (similar to a pin in wrestling or knock-out in boxing) over Michael Hudson (Arvada, Colo./Hyland Hills) and Michael Vandehey (Wichita Falls, Texas/Texoma Judo).

Moore's wife Heidi Moore (Englewood, Colo./+78kg), a 2005 World Team member and the second ranked women's heavyweight on the elite senior roster also fought in her first Master's event, defeating Lisa Guerrero (Frazier Park, Calif./Mountain Judo) and Deadra Walker (Frazier Park, Calif./Mountain Judo) to win gold.

Two 2005 World Masters Champions competed at this weekend's event with Jessica Lockfeld (Denver, Colo./Denver Judo/70kg) winning gold in her division and Ralph Lisle (Carlsbad, Calif./73kg) taking the silver medal following a loss to Fred LeMond (Horse Creek, Wy./Cheyenne Judo).

Competition in the team and open divisions continues Sunday Nov. 20.

Female 35-39 yrs, 63kg  
1. Terrie Norman (Burleson, Texas/Fort Worth Judo)
2. Jolie Feng (Fort Worth, Texas/Okuri Judo)
3. Mary Wakabayashi (San Diego, Calif./Bunasawa Kai Judo Club)

Female 40-44 yrs, 70kg  
1. Jessica Lockfeld (Denver, Colo./Denver Judo)
2. Diana Cheatum (Golden, Colo./Northglenn Judo)
3. Destinee Tartuffe (Calistoga, Calif./SRJC Judo Club)

Female 45-49 yrs, +78kg 
1. Heidi Moore (Englewood, Colo./Denver Judo)
2. Lisa Guerrero (Frazier Park, Calif./Mountain Judo)
3. Deadra Walker (Frazier Park, Calif./Mountain Judo)

Male 30-34 yrs, 60kg    
1. Wilson Figueroa (COL)
2. Chris Skelley (Upper Saddle River, N.J./Camal Judo)

Male 30-34 yrs, 81kg    
1. Jayson Funicello (Flagstaff, Ariz./NAU Judo Club)
2. Uede (Jake) Miller (Douglas, Wy./Cheyenne Judo)

Male 30-34 yrs, 90kg    
1. Teimuraz Tabatadze (GEO/Philadephia, Pa./Philadephia Judo Club)
2. Jasung Koo (Pocatello, Idaho/Idaho State University)
3. Robert Sty (Chandler, Ariz./Van Helder Judo)

Male 30-34 yrs, 100kg   
1. Michael McCormick (Denver, Colo./Denver Judo)
2. Alex Janas (Tulsa, Okla./Van Helder Judo)

Male 35-39 yrs, 66kg    
1. Julian Prado (Coral Springs, Fla./Ki-Itsu-Sai Judo Club)
2. Joao Lopes Neto (BRA/Aracatuba, Brazil/Assoc. Biriguiense)

Male 35-39 yrs, 73kg    
1. Arturo Soler (COL)
2. Robert McKeon (Phoenix, Ariz./Van Helder)

Male 35-39 yrs, 81kg    
1. Francisco Z. A. Almeida (BRA/Aracatuba, Brazil/Judo Clube Mori)
2. Eric De Rome (CAN/Vercheres, Canada/Club De Judo Boucher)
3. Sina Hadadnejad (Coppell, Texas/Dallas Judo)


Male 35-39 yrs, 90kg    
1. Stephen Moore (Englewood, Colo./Denver Judo)
2. Michael Hudson (Arvada, Colo./Hyland Hills)
3. Michael Vandehey (Wichita Falls, Texas/Texoma Judo)

Male 35-39 yrs, +100kg  
1. Kenneth Fontes (Phoenix, Ariz./Van Helder Judo)
2. Chris Medjo-Me-Zengue (CAM/Westchester, Ill./Tenri Judo)

Male 40-44 yrs, 66kg    
1. Robert Boston (Pocatello, Idaho/Idaho State University)
2. Michael Marcella (Spokane, Wash./Pacific Judo Academy)
3. Kevin Cohen (Denver, Colo./Northglenn Judo Club)

Male 40-44 yrs, 73kg    
1. Istvan Lovas (Bellevue, Wash./Budokan)

2. Mahmood Mani (SWE/Denver, Colo./Northglenn Judo)
3. Yoshi Tokuyama (JPN/Erie, Colo./Northglenn Judo)

Male 40-44 yrs, 81kg    
1. David Huffman (Flagstaff, Ariz./NAU Judo Club)
2. Harris Meek (Montrose, Colo./High Plains Judo)

Male 40-44 yrs, 90kg    
1. Allen Fischer (Thorton, Colo./Northglenn Judo)
2. Jeff Bruner (Calabasas, Calif./Valley Judo Institute)

Male 40-44 yrs, 100kg   
1. Chris VanLandingham (Tulsa, Okla./Tulsa Judo Club)
2. Paul Nogaki (Murrieta, Calif./Temecula Valley Judo)
3. Willam Perron (Burleson, Texas/Fort Worth Judo)

Male 40-44 yrs, +100kg  
1. Andre Robles (Burbank, Calif./LA Tenri Dojo)
2. David Miller (CAN/Toronto, Canada/Canadian Judo Academy)
3. Derrick Kerr (Honolulu, Hawaii/West Covina Judo Dojo)

Male 45-49 yrs, 73kg    
1. Ricardo Tuero (CUB/Miami, Fla./Ricardo Tuero National Judo Institute)
2. Michael Alexander (Albuquerque, N.M./Sandia Judo)
3. Shaun Holmstrom (CAN/Edmonton, Canada/University of Alberta)

Male 45-49 yrs, 81kg    
1. Lorenzo Schipp (Corrales, N.M./New Mexico Judo Institute)
2. Dave Loyst (Dana Point, Calif./Bunasawa Kai)
3. James Carmer (Denver, Colo./Denver Judo)
3. Steve Bell (Sauges, Calif./Antrlope Valley)

Male 45-49 yrs, +100kg  
1. Gregory Difranza (Jacksonville Beach, Fla./Judo RYU Jacksonville)
2. Carl Plummer (Wichita Falls, Texas/Texoma Judo)

Male 50-54 yrs, 81kg    
1. Randy Hale (Cornville, Ariz./Verde Valley Judo)
2. Dickie Bowden (Arlington, Texas/Ruben Martin Judo)
3. Richard Mignogna (Golden, Colo./Northglenn Judo)

Male 50-54 yrs, 100kg   
1. Jacques Coté (CAN/Longueuil, Canada/Club De Judo Boucher)
2. Jack Bradford (Phoenix, Ariz./Van Helder Judo)
3. Roy Hash (Iowa Park, Texas/Texoma Judo)

Male 55-59 yrs, 81kg    
1. James Kinder (Kinnelon, N.J./Camal Judo)
2. Steve Owen (Tucson, Ariz./Watsonville Judo Club)
3. Kevin Young (Sanger, Calif./Clovis Judo Club)

Male 55-59 yrs, 100kg   
1. Justo Sanchez (Miami, Fla./Banzai Judo Dojo)

Male 60-64 yrs, 60kg    
1. Robert Cockey (Largo, Fla./St Pete Judo)

Male 60-64 yrs, 90kg    
1. Joshua Rabinowitz (Boulder, Colo./YMCA Judo of Boulder)
2. Gregory M. Carmichael Sr. (New Rochelle, N.Y./Reno Judo Club of New York)

Male 60-64 yrs, +100kg  
1. Larry Gaines (Glendale, Ariz./Van Helder Judo)

Male 65-69 yrs, 73kg    
1. Fred LeMond (Horse Creek, Wy./Cheyenne Judo)
2. Ralph Lisle (Carlsbad, Calif./San Shi Judo) 

Male 70-74 yrs, 90kg    
1. Bob Ensler (Boynton Beach, Fla./Tomodachi Judo)